Yuksom is a historical town in Geyzing subdivision of West Sikkim district in the Northeast Indian state of Sikkim. It was the first capital of Sikkim established in 1642 AD by Phuntsog Namgyal who was the first Chogyal (temporal and religious king) of Sikkim. The coronation site of the first monarch of Sikkim is known as the “Throne of Norbugang”. Yuksom is where there is the Norbugang Chorten near the Norbugang throne, the place Namgyal was crowned and several monasteries and a lake. The dynastic rule of the Chogyals lasted for 333 years.


By Air:-
The adjacent airdrome of Yuksom is located in the municipality of Siliguri at an aloofness of approximately 78 kilometers from the heart of the town. Flights from most of the foremost metros in the country come here. Even the airport receives flights from various international destinations too. There are two flights from the capital, Delhi and three flights from Kolkata running through this route on a daily basis. Other major cities like Chennai and Guwahati are also connected with Yuksom via this airdrome.

By Road:-
You can reach here within 5 hours from Geyzing (44.9 km) using shared or private jeeps. Gangtok (145.9 km) and Pelling (35.9 km) are the other nearest places where you can arrive via buses or jeeps available at Yuksom.

By Train:-
The railway station of Jalpaiguri is the sole option for those who desire to journey via train. In fact, to reach Yuksom trains are a very comfortable and reasonable alternative. This railhead adjoins the major states of the country, such as Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Guwahati. Once you are in Sikkim you will start knowing how to reach Yuksom via different regional sources.


Kathok Lake:-

Kathok LakeThis is a diminutive scummy pool situated at the pinnacle of the town. It has the unspoiled loveliness of sister Lake Khecheopalri and caters the visitors with the views of the snow clad mountains in the distance.






Khecheopalri Lake:-

Khecheopalri lake

This fine-looking lagoon of Sikkim is well-regarded by both Buddhists and Hindus and is a blessed water way well-known to have the power to full-fill wishes. The word Khecheopalri has come from the union of Khecheo and Palri. Khecheo signifies ‘soaring yoginis or seraphs’ and Palri means ‘Palace’ in that order. This attractive pond which is also recognized as Kha-Chot-Palri is nearby Khecheopalri Township and is enclosed by the sacred Khechoedpaldri knoll.




Kartok monastery:-

KartokIt is another good-looking monastery located in Yuksom region. The place is situated just on the opposite side of the Kartok Lake. It has been named after a learned lama who was one of the coronation’s members of the maiden sovereign of Sikkim. Religious people will find it to be one of the best places near Yuksom.





You may also be lucky enough to encounter yak cheese momos. These are particularly fantastic after a long day’s trek. They taste like they are filled with a very strong feta cheese. Most of these restaurants also serve tongba (bamboo drink). Try this. It’s a juice of the fermented millet served in a bamboo container, and you will also be given a small straw made of bamboo to sip the millet wine from the bamboo container.


The restaurant at Hotel Tashigong serves local and Indian cuisine. Many small restaurants spread along the town serve you some local delicacies like momos.

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