Yamuna Nagar

Yamuna Nagar is the headquarters of the district. The city is dotted with impeccable cleanliness and serene ambience and is growing at a fast pace. It is bounded by the 4 beautiful places, Ambala, Karnal, Himachal Pradesh and Kurukshetra.Yamuna Nagar travel guide is full of references to the places of immense historical significance. The city has emerged as a significant industrial place in the state. Sugarcane, rice, wheat and garlic are the major cash crops of the city which offers a source of livelihood to the local people. One of the renowned attractions of the place is Adi Badri which captivates large number of tourists round the year.



By Air:-
The nearest International Airport is Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh, roughly two hour drive from Yamuna Nagar. It is well connected to the major cities like Amritsar, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Leh.

By Road:-
Yamuna Nagar is 36 Kms from Saharanpur, 62 Kms from Ambala, 69 Kms from Karnal, 104 Kms from Dehradun, 105 Kms from Chandigarh, 111 Kms from Patiala, 200 Kms from New Delhi and is connected through Haryana State Road Transport Corporation (HSRTC) and some private travel services.

By Train:-
Yamuna Nagar has its own Railway Station named as Yamuna Nagar Railway Station which is connected to all the major cities of Haryana and other nearby state.




Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary:-

kaleshar wild lifeKalesar Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the prominent tourist attractions, is located in the Yamuna-Nagar District of Haryana. Spreading over an area of around 11,570 acres, the wildlife reserve is located on the lower hills of the Shivaliks that lies in the eastern part of Yamuna-Nagar.

Located at an elevation ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 feet, the area is covered with trees of sal, khair, shisam, tun, sain and amla. The sanctuary is situated on the banks of River Beas which enters the state from Haridwar.



Chaudhary Devi Lal Herbal Nature Park:-

chaudhary devi parkChaudhary Devi Lal Herbal Nature Park is a popular research centre which is located on the Yamuna Nagar-Paonta Road near Chuharpur village. Rich in a variety of medicinal plants, the research centre is developed close to the mountainous belt of the Shivaliks in Haryana. Established on 6th November 2001, the centre supplies medicinal plants and herbs to various parts of the world.

Sprawling over an area of around 184 acres, various trees like khair, teak, shisham and simbal can be seen in the park. It was developed for popularising the use of local medicinal and aromatic plants. The park has more than 300 species of medicinal trees, herbs, shrubs, climbers and aquatic plants.


Bilaspur and Kapal Mochan towns:-

bilaspurBilaspur and Kapal Mochan towns are located in the vicinity of Yamuna-Nagar and are known for their mythological and historical significance. The Bilaspur town is named after Maharishi Ved Vyas, the writer of the Mahabharata, who resided at the site and constructed a holy pond.

Kapal Mochan is known for the ancient statues of Uma Mahadev that were constructed between the 9th and the 10th centuries. It also has an old Ganesha statue which was made during the 11th or the 12th century. Some of the historical remains of the Gupta dynasty can also be traced in this town.

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