Any tourist who wishes to get away from the busy life of a metropolis should come down south India and stay in Vizag (Visakhapatnam).
It provides a perfect combination of major topographies such as hill ranges, beaches, lakes, valleys, caves. Apart from these it has an abundance of interesting spots in and around the city that can simply amaze the tourist. The connectivity to the city is good and movement in and out of the city is easy and comfortable.



By Road :-
National Highway No.5 (Howrah to Chennai) passes through Vizag. APSRTC as well private operators run buses to Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Bhubaneswar.

By Train :
Vizag is the centre point for trains travelling between Chennai and Howrah or Howrah and Secunderabad.
The city is near Hyderabad. It is well connected with other leading towns in the state, as well as to Bhubaneswar.

By Air :-
Vizag has air links with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Chennai.



Ramakrishna Beach:-

Ramakrishna BeachRamakrishna beach is blessed with its scenic charm and its popular among the tourists. You may also indulge in all kinds of water sports and beach activities. A popular festival of Vizag known as Visakha Utsav is celebrated exclusively at this beach.





Yarada beach:-

yarada-beachBehind Dolphin Nose, lies the Yarada Village. Yarada is a private beach maintained by the Agrigold group which is why they charge a nominal fee for visiting it. The Dolphin Nose provides a spectacular view of the beach and the Vizag city. A bus or cab facility can be taken to reach it.






KailasagiriOn its left lies the Rushikonda Beach along with R.K beach lying on its right. Kailasagiri provides spectacular views of beaches adjoining hills. It also has a huge sculpture of Shiva and Parvathi. It is further being developed as a popular spot with the construction of a doll museum and eating joints already under way.





War Memorial:-

War MemorialIn remembrance of the victory at sea achieved in the 1971 Indo-Pak war, a war memorial had been constructed in Vizag. It exhibits a fighter plane, a tank and other copies of a missile. It does not charge any entry.






Matsyadarshini Aquarium:-


It is an aquarium that has an interesting exit in the form of a huge white tipped shark’s open mouth. It charges an entry fee of Rs. 20 per person and contains a good collection of marine and freshwater fish.





Ross Hill:-

rosshillIt is an interesting site as it consists of three hills that are dedicated to three different faiths. It has a church, a mosque and a temple. Ross Hill has a chapel known as Mother Mary’s church, Durga Pahad has the tomb of Muslim saint Sayed Ali Medina and the third hill Sri Venkateswara Konda has a temple.





Submarine- ‘Kursura’:-

Submarine- 'Kursura'It was the first one of its kind submarine to be created in eastern Asia. This museum was created in a real submarine of the Indian navy and today is manned by retired officials of the navy itself.






Naval Museum:-

Naval MuseumAlso known as Swarna Jyoti Museum, it showcases the maritime history of India through pictures, models and written content.






Tenneti Beach Park:-

tenneti beachIt is a beautiful park that has played as a background setting for a number of Indian movies. It gives out spectacular views of sunrise and sun set along with beaches and clear sea.






Kambalakonda Sanctuary:-

KambalakondaThis natural sanctuary is half hour’s drive from the city. It charges an entry fee of Rs 10/- person and provides fantastic views from the viewing tower along with providing people a chance to hike and flex their muscles.






Port of Visakhapatnam:-

Port of VisakhapatnamIt is listed amongst the country’s leading ports. It is dissected into three harbors, namely outer harbor, inner harbor and fishing harbor with their respective capacities of vessel accommodation.






Vizag is not a popular shopping destination but the city is stuffed with a wide range of attractive articles that are available for the tourists to splurge on. The most popular item is the handicraft items, which are a blend of contemporary taste and craftsmanship technique of olden days. The beauty lies in the fact that most of the articles such as sarees, spices and lovely handicraft products, fabrics, leather products are available at cheaper rates and are mostly hand-crafted. Even the South Indian metal utensils are something to be spent on.


A blend of South Indian and North Indian cuisines, eating out is a pleasurable experience in Vizag. The lovely beaches are just the ideal place for indulging in some crispy ‘Murri Mixture’ – a mouthwatering culinary delight prepared with chopped onions, puffed rice and other ingredients.The other popular food items are Upamas, Idlis and Dosas, ideal for a healthy breakfast. Murku, Booralu, Appadams, Putharekulu, Anabshahi , Pulihara , array of pickles especially Avakkayu, the mango pickle and Gongoora ,a green chutney are the specialities of the city that take care of the gastronomical experience of the tourists.

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