Ukhrul in Manipur is bounded by the country of Myanmar to the east, the Chandel district in the south, the Imphal East and Senapati districts in the west and the state of Nagaland in the north.The Ukhrul district is well known for the Shirui Lily (Lilium mackliniae sealy) which is found on the peak of the Shirui Kashong and in the Khangkhui Mangsor cave. The world famous Shirui Lily was discovered by Frank Kigdon Ward in 1946 when he came to the Manipur Hills for botanical collection for the New York Botanical Garden. This Lily plant is grown 2 feet to 3 feet tall and consists of a hard stem around which lanceolate leaves grow spirally. Shirui Lily was declared the State flower on 21st March 1989.




By Road:- The National Highway 150 connects Ukhrul with the state capital Imphal and Kohima. The Ukhrul district can be said to be the highest hill station of Manipur.

By Air:– The nearest airport is in Imphal.

By Rail:- The nearest railway station is the Rangapahar Crossing Railway Station located at a distance of 116 kms away and Dimapur Railway Station located 119 kms away.



Khayang Peak:-

Khayang PeakThis peak stands at an altitude of 3114 meters above sea level and offers a picturesque view of the town. It is the highest peak of the region.






Khangkhui Cave:

Khangkhui-CaveThis is a famous lime stone cave and is locally known as Khangkhui Mangsor Cave.It measures an area of 5700 sq meters and is declared as an archaeological site and historical monument. Archeologists have discovered many notable artifacts of the Paleolithic culture from the cave. The big hall in the cave is known as the durbar hall of the devil king and the northern hall inside the cave is considered to be the royal bedroom of the devil king, where he used to live with his two wives.




ShiruiShirui is located around 39 kms from the town of Ukhrul and is the home of the famous Shirui Lily. The local name if this flower is Kashing/Timrawon. According to the local legend, the Kashong/Timrawon is also a protective spirit which resides on the Shirui Peak.This place is frequently visited by scientists and botanists from world over to have a look and study about the Shirui Lily flower. The Shirui Kashong Peak which stands at an altitude of 2835 meters above sea level is an origin for many rivers flowing through this district.



Khayang Fall:

Telly_waterfallThis is the biggest waterfall of the state of Manipur and has a height of 754 feet.
The water cascades from the top and the falls provide a good trekking spot for the tourists.





Kachouphung Lake:

kachouphung-lakeThis lake is situated around 7 kms towards the south east of the Khayang fall.
The lake is situated on a hill slope on the Achuwa Magi Hills and is surrounded by a number of knolls. The lake has an area of 9 acres and is the home to common carp and local colorful fishes which breed here.





The Ukhrul Bazaar is the local market of the town where one can buy forest products and necessary amenities.


The cuisine of Tangkhul Nagas is a sensory delight. Using bare minimum spices, the cuisine abounds with dishes that are boiled to retain their nutritional value.обслуживание web сайта

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