Ujjain is an ancient city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is also known as Ujjayini, Ujain, Avantikapuri, Avantika and Avanti. Ujjain forms a part of the Malwa plateau in the heart of India. Ujjain is regarded as a holy city and has got mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures as Avantika. At present, the city serves as the administrative hub of the district of the same name and same division. The city is also nicknamed as the City of Temples.

By Air:-
The nearest airport to Ujjain is the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore. It is located around 56 km from Ujjain. From the airport, taxi services are available to Ujjain. Indore is connected to major cities in India. International travelers can get connecting flights to Indore from Delhi and Mumbai.

By Train:-
Ujjain has its own railway station which is well connected to major railway stations in India. Direct train services are available to Ujjain from Bhopal, Indore, Pune, Delhi and many other major cities.

By Road:-
The road network of the city has been improved and is well connected with different cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh. State Highway 18 and State Highway 27 link Ujjain with the city of Indore.
The major bus stands in the city are Nana Kheda bus stand (Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay bus stand) and Dewas Gate bus stand (Shaheed Raja Bhau Mahakal bus stand) along with Ujjain bus stand.






MahakaleshwarTempleMahakaleshwar or the Mahakal shrine is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The shrine is a famed and respected temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shrine houses a Shivling which is believed to be the sole Jyotirling which looks towards the south. Therefore, it is also called in the name Dakshinmukhi or the south looking ling. The Mahakaleswhar temple is the most famous and significant shrine of the city and a must see place when you travel to Ujjain.




Radha Madan Mohan Temple :-

Radha Madan Mohan TempleSri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple has been established by the ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). The shrine is regarded as a milestone of the Hare Krishna Campaign. The mandir is home to a guesthouse and eating place, and is a top draw for travelers.





Kal Bhairava :-

kal-bhairav-templeAccording to the Saivite culture, the veneration of the eight Bhairavas is an integral feature of the Hindu customs. The main among these Bhairavas is the Kal Bhairava, assumed to be constructed by the monarch Bhadresen, near the riverbanks of Shipra. This shrine has been cited in the Avanti Khanda of Skanda Purana.





Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir :-

Bade Ganeshji Ka MandirBade Ganeshji Ka Mandir is located over the reservoir close to the Mahakaleshwar Mandir. The place of worship houses an enormous and aesthetic statue of Lord Ganesha, who is Lord Shiva’s son. A statue of this dimension and exquisiteness is scarce to be seen.





Pir Matsyendranath :-

pir-matsyendranathThis place is a top tourist draw in Ujjain. Lying on the riverbanks of Shipra, the place is devoted to commemorate one of the saints of the Natha faction of the Saivites – Matsyendranath. The Gadkalika mandir and the Bhartrihari caves are just close by.






Bhartrihari Caves:-

BhartrihariCavesThe Bhartrihari caves lie over the riverbanks of Shipra near the Gadkalika mandir. As cited in mythology, this is the area where Bhartrihari, assumed as the half-brother of Vikramaditya, stayed and engaged in spiritual contemplation once he gave up his material life.





Chintaman Ganesh:-

Chintaman GaneshThe Chintaman Ganesh shrine is the largest historic place of worship dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is among popular tourist places in Ujjain.







Durgadas Ki Chhatri:-

Durgadas Ki Chhatri
This memorial is dedicated to Vir Durgadas who played a key role in making the city of Jodhpur free. The entire monument has been built in Rajput pattern architecture.






Kaliadeh Palace:-

This historic mansion is situated in the northern part of the city of Ujjain. The regal Scindia clan of Madhya Pradesh ruled from the Kaliyadeh Palace and they were the owners of this mansion.





Vedha Shala:-

vedhashalaVedha Shala, also known as the Observatory, was a landmark construction by Raja Jai Singh the second, a monarch of the Rajput clan in the 18th century. It ranks among five such observation towers in the country and contains very old astronomical tools.





Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Museum:-

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan MuseumThe famous museum is situated close to Chamunda tower, and houses a number of historic articles and mementos. As laid down by Hindu mythologies, it is also the area where Lord Krishna was taught with Sudama and Balarama under the guidance of Maharshi Sandipani. The Sandipani Ashram is a testament to this legend.




Vikram University:-

Vikram UniversityVikram University, the second oldest university in Madhya Pradesh, was founded in 1957.






The most attractive feature of shopping in Ujjain is that you can buy products that solely belong to the state of Madhya Pradesh and are a symbol of the culture and tradition of the ethnic communities living in the state.
Ujjain is an ideal shopping area for those who are keen to buy ethnic handcrafted products. One can also purchase common items such as bed linen and apparels since they are available in more affordable prices than other parts of India. The quality of apparel is also quite good. One can also purchase ethnic ornaments, keepsakes, papier-mache products, bamboo goods and cloths from the regional markets. Besides these, Jain Namkeen and Noorjahan Mehandi are two must buys.
Treasure Bazaar, Devine Valley and Pakiza are some of the top shopping malls in Ujjain. They offer plenty of shopping opportunities. The Treasure Bazaar Mall is the biggest and oldest shopping mall in the city of Ujjain. It is closely situated to the Nanakheda bus terminus. You will find both national and international brands like Domino’s, Peter England, Planet Fashion, John Players, and Funscapes in this mall.
The most popular shopping districts in Ujjain are Mahakaleshwar Marg, Free Ganj, Jawahar Marg, and Gopal Mandir Marg.


When you are in Ujjain never forget to visit Gopal Mandir and have a bite of famous Famous Kulfi. Apart form that one of the most happening places in Ujjain to eat and enjoy is Tower Chowk. Go there try your hands on all the street chats you have ever heard. The very first thing that will attract you will be stalls of Pani Puri. Following which you will see Hot Dogs stalls serving hot , spicy, juicy hot dogs and Aaloo Tikia with Chhole over it garnished by onions tomatos corriander, Green chatani, Imli chatani and if desired Fresh Curd. They call it Chhole Tikiya Chat.
Then you will have Bhelpuri stalls,Dahi Puri and all related chatpate chats varieties including Dahi Vada.
For sweet lovers have falooda icecream there or A Barf Ka laddoo. Rabadi is a must when you visit Ujjain. Kids will love this palce with so much eateries and Jhoolaas and balloon sellers everywhere. and of course Buddhi Ke Baal (cotton candy)

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