Tuensang is the district headquarters of the largest and eastern-most district of Nagaland by the same name. It is an important district not only because of its size, but also due to its special constitutional privileges. The city of Tuensang was founded in 1947 for administrating the erstwhile NEFA (North East Frontier Agency). The district borders Myanmar on the east and other districts of Nagaland on its other sides. While it was the administrative headquarters for NEFA, Tuensang comprised of the present day Mon, Kiphire and Longleng districts. Together these four districts were also known as Eastern Nagaland.


By Air:-
The nearest airport to the district is Dimapur.

By Rail:-
The nearest railway station is in Dimapur.

By Road:-
National Highways 155 pass through the district. This links with Mokokchung (NH-61 junction) and Jessami (NH-150 junction) via Tuensang town, covering a distance of 342 km. The district is connected to Kohima, the state capital. From Kohima bus and taxis are available to the place.





It is situated between Tuensang and Hakchung village. According to the Chang legend, it is said that their ancestors lived in this place “ Changsang” during the creation of the universe. It says that human existence on earth started when man emerged from a big hole in the earth.






Chilise located in Thonoknyn area is another village of importance from the historical point of view because it has been the scene of the last headhunting till August 1978. In 1962, some thirty heads of this village were hunted down by others out of suspicion that there of their heads been hunted by this village. The suspicion might be true, though it could not be proved. Changsangmonko is supposed to be the spot where all living organism first appeared on the face of the earth. the importance of these two villages lies in the chronicles of legend and history.


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