It is an egg-shaped island surrounded by river Kaveri and has a cultural and religious relevance since ages. Legends reveal that Lord Buddha visited and stayed near this island. Also, it was the capital of Tipu Sultan, the famed King of Mysore. Ranganathaswamy temple in Srirangapatna is very famous. Other tourist places in and around the town include: Gumbaz, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary and Sri Rangapatnam.


By Air:-
The nearest airport is at Mysore about 14 km away. There are taxi facilities available from the airport to reach Srirangapatna. Bengaluru is the nearest international airport which is about 145 km away. There are regular flights to and from Bengaluru from most major cities in India. Taxis and buses are available from the airport to reach Srirangapatna.

By Road: –
There is a good network of regular buses from Kempegowda Bus Stand in Bengaluru and Central Bus Stand in Mysore to reach Srirangapatna.

By Train:-
The nearest railhead is Mysore which is well connected to Bengaluru, 140 km away. Bengaluru is well connected to most major cities in India. Taxi services are available from Bengaluru to Srirangapatna.



Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple:-

shri ranganatVisit this beautiful piece of architecture to experience divine connectivity! A long walk through his dark, many-pillared temple leads you past his divine peers and to his abode. Within lies the lord, on the back of a snake, dark as the night sky with a most benevolent smile. And he is beautiful. A visit to his temple makes a refreshing change from the usual sobriety of prayer.




Captain Bailey’s Dungeon:-

Colonel-Bailey-DungeonOn an elevated platform near the fort wall are the dungeons where Tipu’s prisoners of war were jailed. In the underground prison you can see hooks on the walls to which the prisoners hands were chained. In the midst of the chamber lies a well-preserved cannon.




Dariya Daulat Baug:-

Dariya Daulat BaugOnce you are in, this modest looking place with the wealth of paintings on the walls and the intricacy of the interiors leave you enthralled for sure. Also called the Summer Palace, Tipu used this as an alternative resort to receive visitors and conduct durbars. There is a good collection of period furniture, coins, fabulous paintings, murals and plenty of historical data of Hyder Ali and Tipu’s conquests in the museum within the palace.





gumbazThe inscription in Persian on its western wall says ‘from this the moon has borrowed its light’ and refers to it as the ‘House of Sleep’. Tipu’s favourite tiger stripes cover the walls. At the Dariya Daulat Baug, turn left and continue along the Sangama Road till you reach a fork in the road. Here turn right towards the Gumbaz and the Sangama.




The Obelisk:-

ObeliskThis is the place where Tipu Sultan died, while trying to prevent a British soldier from pulling out his legendary sword from its scabbard. It is said his body lay there for two days before the locals noticed and recognised it. A commemorative obelisk, housed within a small enclosure into which you may not enter, marks the very spot where Tipu fell dead. You may take a photo through the railings.



Shopping in Srirangapatna is restricted to buying local handicrafts including pens, combs, and key chains among other things from hawkers near the historical sites.


The best places to eat in Srirangapatna are near the main bus stand where you can find vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You get South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisine in Srirangapatna.

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