Sanchi travel takes one through the age of genesis and development of the Buddhist religion. With a vast expanse of Buddhist temples, chaityas, stupas and monasteries, the town reflects the proverbial Mauryan culture. Traveling to Sanchi will always be a lifetime experience for visitors who are planning to visit this place for the first time.



By Air:-
The nearest airport is Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is an important domestic airport in central India, which is served by several airlines. Regular flights connect Bhopal to key Indian cities like: Delhi, Mumbai and so on.

By Road:-
Sanchi is located close to important cities in Madhya Pradesh. A good network of roads connects Sanchi to Bhopal (46kms), Vidisha (10kms), Indore (232kms).

By Train:-
The nearest Railhead from Sanchi is also located at Bhopal. A well-laid rail network links Bhopal to several Railway Stations in India. so you can reach Bhopal from any part of the country.



Stupa-Sanchi-MPSeveral numbers of Stupas that are located in Sanchi are the main tourist attractions in Sanchi. The major Stupas are referred as Stupa No: 1, Stupa No: 2, Stupa No: 3 etc. Stupa No: 1 was built by Ashoka the great and has a massive hemispherical dome. Stupa No: 2 stands on the edge of the hill. The crowned hemispherical dome of the Stupa No: 3 marks of its special religious significance.




Ashoka Pillar:-

Ashoka Pillar-sanchi
The Ashoka Pillar stands near the Stupa No: 1. The pillar is marked by its aesthetic beauty and unique structural balance. Shining with the proverbial Mauryan polish, it carries the famous edict of Ashoka warning against schism in the Buddhist community.




Buddhist Vihara:-

Buddhist Vihara-sanchiThis is a modern monument. The relics found in Satdhara Stupa are enshrines in a glass casket here in the inner sanctum.






The Great Bowl:-

The Great Bowl-Sanchi
Excavation has revealed this mammoth bowl carved out of a single piece of stone. Food used to be distributed from this bowl to the Buddhist monks living at Sanchi.





Gupta Temple:-

Gupta Temple
It is one of the earliest known examples of Indian temple architecture.





The Buddhist pilgrimage site of Sanchi is a renowned destination in India. Lots of tourists who share interest in the origin and development of Buddhism in India find Sanchi a perfect destination.
But there is not much opportunity for shopping in Sanchi. In fact the little village that houses the remnants of ancient Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas, is not a typical shopping destination. Although the area draws a lot of tourists, very few go for shopping in Sanchi.
The nearest city from Sanchi is Bhopal, which is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and a modern city. The region has a rich heritage of handicrafts that has earned worldwide renown.

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