Rajgir is a prominent Buddhist site in India. History, myths and legends still linger in the tourist attractions in Rajgir. The place where Lord Buddha had resided for long and preached many sermons, Rajgir is twice blessed by virtue of the birth of Lord Mahavir.



By Air:-
Rajgir does not have an airport of its own. Although the nearest airport is Gaya, the most convenient one is the airport in Patna. Patna Airport is well linked to cities like Delhi, Mumbai by regular flights run by several airlines.

By Road:-
A very good road network connects Rajgir to Patna (102km), Nalanda (12 km) and Gaya (34km), which are in turn networked to many cities in the eastern India.

By Train:-
Rajgir has a railway station of its own, which is linked to Gaya. Several important trains from all parts of the country in turn service Gaya.




Venuvana Vihara:-

Venuvana ViharaThis was a favorite retreat of Lord Buddha. King Bimbisara had offered the site to Him. Today it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Rajgir.






Amaravana or Jivaka’s Mango Garden:-

Amaravana or Jivaka's Mango GardenThis was the site of the dispensary of Royal physician Jivaka. Lord Buddha was once brought here to have a wound dressed.






Griddhakuta or Vulture’s Peak:-

Griddhakuta or Vulture's PeakAnother major tourist attractions in Rajgir, this is the site where Lord Buddha preached many inspiring sermons here and also set in motion his second wheel of Law and for three months every year during the rainy season. Today Buddha Sangha of Japan have constructed a massive modern stupa, the Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda), at the top of the hill.




Ajatashatru’s Fort:-

Ajatashatru's FortAjatashatru, the king of ancient Magadha is believed to have ruled from this fort for long. Inside is the Ajatashatru’s Stupa.






The Cyclopean Wall:-

The Cyclopean WallThis is the remnant of a stonewall, which once encircled ancient Rajgir during the Maurya rule.






Jain Temples:-

Jain Temples26 Jain temples lie on the hilltops around Rajgir. It takes a hard trekking to reach the site. But for far, one can get a commanding view too.





Swarna Bhandar:-

swarn-bhandarThis is believed to be the king Bimbisara treasury – a cave chamber hollowed out of a single massive rock. According to folklores the treasure is still intact.
Archaic monuments literally dot over the land of Rajgir. Some other tourist attractions are: Pippala Cave, Hot Springs at the foot of the Vaibhava Hill and so on.




Rajgir is a famous pilgrimage site by virtue of its hallowed association with Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and Lord Mahavir, the Jain prophet. In its heyday, Rajgir has served as the cradle of two major religions in India. Today the relics of its glorious past are the biggest tourist attractions in Rajgir.
If you were still keen on shopping in Rajgir to take back some souvenirs, Travel.mapsofindia suggests you to go for shopping in Patna. Patna is the nearest important city from Rajgir. You would find here the wide variety of handicrafts that are the specialty of the region.

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