Rajahmundry has the distinction of being the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is claimed that the Telugu language originated in Rajahmundry. The poet, Nannaya, was responsible for coming up with the Telugu script, which transformed it into a language. Located west of Godavari River, Rajahmundry is about 400 kilometres from Hyderabad. The earliest rulers of the region were the Chalukyas. Rajaraja Narendra ruled over Rajahmundry in the 12th century. However, new archaeological findings suggest that the history of this region may go back even further.


By Air:-
Rajahmundry has its own airport with the name Rajahmundry Airport. It is located at a place called Madhurapudi which is 18km far from the main city. The airlines that serve flights include Jet airways and Spicejet. There are four flights that are operated every day and can be easily accessible by air from Chennai, Vijayawada and Hyderabad.

By Train:-
Rajahmundry Railway station is one of the largest in Andhra Pradesh. This junction makes up a large chunk of revenue of the South Central Railways. This railway is well connected to many major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Chennai and many others.

By Road:-
Rajahmundy is well connected to all the cities of Andhra Pradesh. It connects many places like Bhubaneswar, Annavaram, Jabalpur, Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderbad, Jaipur and many other major cities. Private buses are also available for Guntur, Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam.



DINDIThe tranquil and panoramic village of Dindi is about 80 kilometres from Rajahmundry. This village is renowned for its virgin backwaters that ooze of charm and splendour. The serene palm-fringed canals, lakes, lagoons and rivulets offer the perfect place to enjoy a soothing houseboat cruise. The quaint villages nestled amidst coconut groves have pristine beauty that can leave one mesmerised. Dindi is the place where visitors can count the twinkling stars in the ink-blue sky at night, while the moon rays shimmer enchantingly over the surface of the water bodies. The oasis of Dindi and its unspoilt beauty can rejuvenate visitors and offer a memorable getaway from the concrete jungle of the city.


Coconut Country Resort:-

Coconut Country ResortThe resort has an air-conditioned restaurant, swimming pool and conference hall. It has air-conditioned suites and rooms that are exquisitely furnished and decorated. The well-landscaped gardens and the towering coconut trees are peaceful and tranquil.





ISKCON Temple:-

ISKCON TempleThe ISKCON Temple, also referred to as the Gowthami Ghat, is very popular with visitors to Rajahmundry. The temple lies over an area of 2 acres, making it the second largest ISKCON Temple is South India. This temple lies on the banks of Godavari River and was constructed by the ISKCON followers.Many sages and priests have performed penance and prayers at this beautifully designed temple. It houses the idols of Sri Radha Gopinath, Subhadra Devi, Sri Sri Govinda Srinivas, Sri Sri Jaganath Baladeva, Sri Sri Krishna Chaitany and Prabhu Nityananda.



Markandeya Temple:-

Markandeya TempleThe Markandeya Temple is located in the town of Rajahmundry. Initially, it was believed that the ruins at the site of the temple were those of a mosque. However, archaeological surveys discovered that the ruins were that of a Shiva temple. So, in 1818, Gundu Sobhanadriswara Rao reconstructed the temple and it can be accessed from the Gunduvari Street, the same street where Gundu Sobhanadriswara Rao resided. According to legend, the temple is associated with Muni Mrukhanada. It is claimed that she prayed to Lord Shiva for a child. Pleased with her prayers, Lord Shiva appeared before her and asked her to choose between a child, who would survive for 11 years, and a husband. Muni Mrukhanada chose the former. She had a boy, who spent his whole like praying to Lord Shiva and even made a lingam and placed it inside the temple. When 11 years passed and the God of Death, Yamaraj came to take the boy, Lord Shiva intervened and blessed him with life.


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