Phek is one of the districts of the Northeastern state of Nagaland. The district lays to the southeastern part of Nagaland. It is the least populated district in Nagaland. The headquarters of the district is located in Phek.


By Air:-
The nearest airport to Phek is in Dimapur.

By Rail:-
The nearest railway station is in Dimapur.

By Road:-
National Highways 155 and 150 pass through the district. The district is connected to Kohima, the state capital. Kohima could be reached from Dimapur on NH 39. From Kohima bus and taxis are available to Phek.


Glory Peak Pfutsero:-


This township towers at an altitude of 2,233.60 meters in the Patkai range, the longest mountain range in the state.It is also the coldest and highest town in the state It is known for its green vegetables, such as cabbages, spring onions, chives, garlic and other organic vegetables and fruits. Apples are also grown around this area.




Shilloi Lake:-


Locals call it Latsam, the British called her Shiloh but now it is officially known as Shilloi. Shilloi Lake lies on the lower slopes of the hill ranges running along the Myanmar ridges. Located 275 km away from Kohima, one has to travel east through roads lined with oak tree dressed in fresh foliage. The serpentine road spiraling downwards guarded by Rocky Mountains presents a mysterious and majestic sight. Surrounded by tall, striking and attractive hills, Shilloi Lake spreads over 0.25 to 0.30 sq. km., in the shape of a footprint.


Zanibu Peak:-


Zanibu is a mountain range, which is an extension of Patkai range, the longest mountain range in Nagaland. Around 10 Chakhesang villages encircle this mountain range. The mountain is ever green/virgin and with full of flora and fauna many of which are yet to be identified. There is one big lake (in fact it is a natural dam) which stretches nearly 1 km on the mountain range and these villagers call it as Dzudu Lake. There are lots of myths and legends behind this lake and for this, the villagers dare not enter this lake nor throw any dirt into this lake. This mountain range offers variety of potentials. One can even clearly view Mt. Everest and almost all parts of Nagaland.


Shopping in phek is an exceptional experience where one can buy souvenirs and gifts for the their near and dear ones. The skilled tribal craftsman and artisans make excellent articrafts from cane, bamboo etc. The Nagas have a rich tradition of art and craft like basketry, weaving, woodcarving, pottery, metal work etc. Articles made from cane and bamboo such as room dividers, tablemats, floor mats, wall hangings, ash trays, pen stand, sculptures, decorated lampshades, wall panels, furniture etc are a favorite among tourists. Naga women are known all over the world for their excellent weaving skills.


There are not a lot of options for eating out here. However, you would find some small shops where you can find decent food options. The Nagaland food is very unique and it consists of mainly non-vegetarian cuisine. It might be slightly difficult to find pure vegetarian food here. Also, since Nagaland is a dry state, its not easy to find alcoholic beverages here, however local rice beer is available at some places.

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