Pawapuri is a sacred place for the Jains because Lord Mahavir was cremated here in 500 BC. It is situated in Nalanda district in the state of Bihar. It is about 38 km from Rajgir and about 101 km from Patna, the capital city of Bihar.



By Air:-The nearest airport is located at Patna and since this is situated only 100 kilometers away, it is the most viable option for tourists who are arriving by air. The Patna airport is relatively well connected to the main centers of the country. There are frequent flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow to Patna. You can also travel to Patna by air from Ranchi. Taxis are available outside and they charge around Rs 1200 for the trip from Patna to Pawapuri.

By Train:-
The closest railway station is situated at the town of Rajgir. The drive time from Rajgir to Pawapuri is around 45 minutes. Tickets rates from Patna to Rajgir for a second class sleeper coach are Rs 120.

By Bus:-
Since Pawapuri is a holy city and many tourists travel here, some operators organize religious tours using buses. These are a good option to reach the place. These are liable to be crowded during the festive season.


Jal Mandir:-

Jal MandirThe temple of Jal Mandir is a marble temple located in the middle of a lake along with lotuses. Jal Mandir is made in shape of Vimana. The sanctum of temple enshrines old “Charan Paduka” of Lord Mahavira. The temple marks the space where Lord Mahavira attained Samadhi and was cremated later. The temple is believed to be constructed by King Nandivardhan, the elder brother of Lord Mahavira.





Samosharan,pawapuriThere is a temple located in the vicinity to Jal temple named Samosharan, where the Lord Mahavira used to deliver sermon to his disciples. The place is famous as the site where he preached in last days of his life. It is a temple made of white marble and in circular shape in the form beehive. The temple also contains the footprints of Lord Mahavira.




Gaon Mandir:-

Gaon Mandir, PawapuriGaon Mandir or temple of the village is a spot where Lord Mahavira took his last breath. The temple of Gaon Mandir was constructed by King Nandivardhan, who was the elder brother of Lord Mahavira.

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