Parwanoo is one of the finest city of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated along National Highway 22. A couple of decades ago, this was a sleepy little village and today it is a pulsating industrial town. Fruit based products and plastics, Motor parts and watch components and a whole lot more roll out of Parwanoo’s factories.
Tourism :- For the tourist Parwanoo is a convenient base station to see and visit a number of nearby areas.
Climate :- In winter, the temperature of Parwanoo get quite low when heavy woollens are required. It is pleasantly warm in summer and cottons are recommended.


By Air:-
The closet airport is at Chandigarh 32 km away from Parwanoo.

By Rail:-
The nearest broad guage railhead is at Kalka only 15 km away from Parwanoo.

By Road:-
Regular buses and taxis are available from both Chandigarh and Kalka.



Renuka Lake :-

renuka lakeRenuka lake is located With a circumference of roughly 2.5-kms.This is is the largest lake in Himachal. It is shaped like the profile of a reclining woman and is regarded to be the embodiment of the Goddess Renuka.





Dagshai :-

dagshaiDagshai is 28 Km from Parwanoo . It was a one time British cantonment. This small town is surrounded by pine trees and also has an old church.






Pinjore :-

pinjore-parwanooPinjore is 10 Km from Parwanoo.Parwanoo is an excellent base to visit the famed Mughal style gardens at Pinjore.






Subathu :-

subathuSubathu  is 16 Km away from Parwanoo. It is Still a cantonment. It has also got the remains of a Gurkha Fort.





Parwanoo is certainly not a shopper’s delight. The industrial town located in Himachal Pradesh is not essentially a shopping destination. But it does not disappoint the travelers completely. If travelers want to splurge on something in the picturesque town, then the most lucrative products are fruit based products and plastic items.

Restaurants/Bars and Coffee shops all seems a dram at this inaccessible point. But one of the most delicious food is served in timber trail resort – parwanoo. The restaurant has a capacity to accommodate around 100 people in one go.


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