Nathdwara means the gate of God. It is the most renowned pilgrim of India. Nathdwara is located on the banks of Benas river just 48 kms ahead of Udaipur. Nathdwara is also famous for the Pichhwai paintings – the most famous Rajasthani art. This art portrays the Lord Shrinathji & their activities
The town is typical of this region of north India. The stone or brick houses have thick, whitewashed walls that keep the interior cool in the summer heat. During the winter months the warmest place is a sunny roof, and a favourite winter pastime for children is flying kites from the rooftops.Although Nathadwara may look like other Rajasthani towns.


By Air:-
Udaipur, the nearest airport is south at a distance of 48km.

By Train:-
Udaipur again is the nearest railhead, from where you’ll have to take a bus or a taxi ride to Nathdwara. However, Nathdwara does have a small railway station, which is about 13km away from the town. It also has a railway reservation office about five minute walk away from the Nathji temple.

By Road:-
Express buses of the state tourism as well as private companies ply between Nathdwara and major towns like Ahmedabad, Pushkar, Ajmer, Jaipur and Delhi. From Udaipur also.



Shri Nathji Temple :-

nathdwara-bigThis temple is the only major attraction Nathdwara. This 17th century temple house the original statue of Shrinathji or Lord Krishna. According to history, the statue was brought to Mewar kingdom for the sake of safety in the period of Aurangazeb the Moghul monarch. The chariot shipping the statue was jammed here, and consequently a shrine was established with the permission of the then Rana of Mewar at Nathdwara.
Darshans or glimpses of Srinathji can be sought 8 times in the day. individually known as Ashtaya, the 8 darshans are Mangala, Shrungar, Gwal, Rajbhog, Uthhapan, Bhog, Sandhaya Aarti and Shayan.




eklingjiEklingji is assumed to be one of the forms of Lord Shiva and contains the idol of Sesodia Dynasty, Eklingji. The temple is situated on the banks of a beautiful lake that adds the tranquility and spirituality of the holy place. The devotees make their offerings majorly on Mondays by conducting special Puja for Eklingji.





Pichhwai Paintings:-

Pichhwai PaintingNathdwara is also famous for its Pichhwai paintings, which are very similar in theme to the thangka paintings of Ladakh and Tibet. Local Brahmin artists produce fine and intricate paintings on paper and cloth. Literally meaning ‘something at the back’, these are large paintings on cloth portraying Shri Nathji in various costumes and moods. The Lord is also shown in the forests surrounded by cows and gopinis (milkmaids). They depict the events and happenings in the god’s life and are frequently changed to create different moods depending on the occasion and ritual. Ink blue clouds and dancing peacocks represent Lord Krishna with his blue complexion while the cows symbolize the devotees craving for their Lord. The name pichhwai has been derived from the position of the painting behind the image of the deity in Vaishnava temples of the Pushti Marga sect devoted to the childgod Krishna.



A renowned Lord Vishnu temple, Charbhuja is considered as the fourth Dham and is believed to have been constructed around 5,000 years ago. Its beautifully designed mirror work, golden shutter and carved door panel add more charm to it.




Shopping in Nathdwara would be a delightful experience to all. Nathdwara is well known for its Pichhavi paintings, which illustrates Nathji in different attires and moods. These intricate artworks on paper and clothes can be an ideal gift to your near and dear ones. Apart from this Nathdwara is also known for its traditional terracotta handworks. This ethnic artwork is being practised for near about 2000 years, which depicts local deities and various Gods. The Meena Work of Nathdwara is a worthy treasure and is a must buy thing.


The roadside food stalls are famous for their delicious, tangy snacks, and are always flooded with people in between Darshan timings. Nathdwara is known for its Khaman, Kand (fried yam), Jalebi and Phaphda (a kind of crispy snack). Even mouth fresheners and all sorts of Jeera Golis are widely available. Piping hot Masala tea, served to customers in earthen pots, is favourite among tourists. The Thandai made of pure milk and dry-fruits is a very famous drink.  Bhang ki Thandai is also a specialty in Nathdwara.

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