Nagaur is a historical town that houses an ancient fort, many palaces and shrines. Nagaur is far- famed for its colorful and one of the biggest cattle fairs that are held in the state. The farming Jats and Bishnoi community mainly inhabit this place. Nagaur has a rustic charm of its own and the sight of red chillies being dried in extensive fields is very pleasing for the beholder.

Best Time to Visit

The best time visit Nagaur is during January and February when the yearly cattle fair is held.

Nagaur lies between Jodhpur and Bikaner. It is located about 135kms away from Jodhpur.


Air- The nearest Airport is Jodhpur Airport.
Road – A number of Government and private buses ply to the place linking it with other nearby places of interest.

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Nagaur Fort:-

Nagaur houses the famous ancient sandstone fort that was built in the2nd century. This fort encloses water reservoirs, old palaces and small temples and other slightly ruined edifices. The extra-ordinary paintings in its walls are a connoisseur’s delight.



Ahchitragarh Fort:-

AhhichatragarhThe main attraction here is the Ahchitragarh Fort, which was in turn controlled by Rajputs, Mughals and the British. It’s more of a pleasure palace with a touch of delicacy to the buildings. There’s a Hawa Mahal, Diwan-i-Khas, Akbari Mahal and Sheesh Mahal.



Akbari Mahal:-

Akbari_mahalNearby lies the Akbari Mahal, which was built to commemorate the recapture of Nagaur by the Mughals from the governor of Ajmer in 1556. The art and architecture of the palace clearly indicates a confluence of both Rajput and Mughal art. In fact, the Mughal style and influence can be seen in most of the airy palaces and pavilions.



Dadhimati Temple:-

Also known as Goth-Manglod temple; 40 km away from Nagaur; the oldest temple of the district constructed during the Gupta Dynasty (4th Century); Kul Devi of Dadhich Brahimins.




Saiji Ka Tanka:-

Saiji Ka TankaSai Ji Maharaj ka Tanka is a popular tourist destination and pilgrimage centre located in the Nagaur city in Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the place where Sai ji maharaj spent the last days of his life. Sai Ji Maharaj is a Saint who was popular for his divine and miraculous powers that he used to heal the problems of the public. Today, it is one of the big pilgrimage centres for people from all religions and every year thousands of devotees assemble here many times during the year to pay their regards to SaiJi Maharaj and thank him and the Lord for blessing this land and our lives via SaiJi Maharaj.


Nagaur Cattle Fair:

nagaur-cattle-fairThe quaint town of Nagaur, one of the most picturesque of Rajput townships, stirs to life during the Nagaur Fair. The cattle fair here is the second largest in Rajasthan and is held every year during the month of Magh (Jan. Feb.)

The fair is renowned for the trading in cows, bullocks, camels and horses. Their owners are seen wearing colourful turbans and flaunting long moustaches. The bullocks of Nagaur are renowned for their fleetness and attract a large number of buyers. Both the owners and buyers bargain to their heart’s content until they decide upon a price.

Mirchi Bazaar (Red Chilly Market) is the main attraction and wooden items, iron crafts and leather accessories are available in abundance during the fair. Various games are organized during this four day festival.

Tug-of-war, camel races, cock fights etc. provide entertainment to the tourists and visitors. As the sun goes down, a joyous atmosphere is created by the folk musicians, whose voices echo far and wide across the tranquil desert sand.

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