It is a well-known hill station nestled in the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand in the region of North India. Being situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges it is often referred to as the Queen of the Hills. In 1820, a British Army officer set up this town. Mussoorie is not only famed for its picturesque splendor but it has also urbanized into an imperative center of education and trade over the course of time. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills it reflects a royal look with its dense jungles, comfortable atmosphere and the wonderful views of the Doon Valley. The name of the place is derived from the Mansur shrub established in profusion around this region. Vestiges of its colonial past are still reflected in the architecture of this town. Mussoorie tourism has got many places of tourist interest such as outstanding natural sights like Childer’s Lodge or Gun Hill, the two highest peaks and the eminent Kempty cascade.


By Air:-
Mussoorie is located about 59 kms distance away from Jolly Grant airdrome that is situated in Dehradun conurbation. So tourists and sightseers can get to Mussoorie with no trouble and with the help of Dehradun airport. Buses and local transportation system is provided to arrive at the visiting sites in Mussoorie from the airdrome.

By Road:-
There are frequent bus and public taxi services are obtainable from the Library Bus Stand to attain the visiting sites in convenient manner. Apart from that, there are few other bus stands that offer bus services for the visitors, such as- Masonic Lodge Bus Stand in Kulri, Tehri Bus Stand and bus stand at Landour. Dehradun (29.7 kms) is also well-connected from Delhi, Saharanpur, Haridwar, Shimla, Chamba with the buses. You can easily get to Mussoorie from Saharanpur by bus just within 2 hours that is about 97.6 kms apart. Almost all the major cities in India, such as- Saharanpur, Chandigarh (206.4 kms) are well connected to Mussoorie via this particular railway station.


By Train:-
The neighboring railhead is Dehradun so, one inquiring about how to reach Mussoorie has got option to reach mussoorie by train also as this railway station links some of the major cities with Dehradun. The most suitable train to Dehradun from Delhi and vice-versa is Delhi Dehradun Shatabdi Express. It takes about 5 and half hour for one side journey. Bus and taxi services are accessible from the railway station to the various tourist spots.




Christ Church:-

christ churchChrist Church was constructed in 1836 and is believed to be the oldest existing church in the Himalayan ranges. It is also believed that the church was built by the British community, who once resided in the destination. Located near a heritage hotel, the church was once visited by Princess of Wales, who later became Queen Mary of England. She visited Mussoorie in 1906, and when she visited the Church, she planted a deodar tree in its courtyard. The deodar is still standing in the courtyard of the Church.



Happy Valley:-

Happy-Valley_Deepak-PanwarHappy Valley is famous for housing IAS Academy, Tibetan temples and the Municipal Garden. The area of the valley lies on the western side of Library Point and leads to the Cloud’s End, a place where geographical borders of Mussoorie end. The place is also famous for its gardens, estates and temples. Apart from this, tourists can also take walk to the Kala School from Happy Valley, which leads to Hathipaon Park Estate.




tapovanTapovan is a beautiful place located on the banks of holy river Ganges. Bounded by lush green forests and chanting of Vedas all around, the place is popular for numerous rituals and other religious ceremonies. Possessing a rich historical and religious significance, the place is popular for being the site where Guru Dronacharya underwent penance. Guru Dronacharya is a saint mentioned in epic the Mahabharata, who had his ashram located in close vicinity of Tapovan. Presently, the sacred place is a home for various sadhus and sages, who believe that penance is the only way to connect our souls with God.



The Mall:-

Mussoorie-mall-road-in-eveningThe Mall is one of the prominent shopping locations situated at the centre of the destination. Dotted with benches and lampposts lined up at the sides of roads, the Mall offers architectural styles of colonial period. The prime attractions of the area include 1980s style video game parlours, the Methodist Church and skating rinks. Tibetans can also be seen in the market place, who sells woollens, fabric wall hangings, imported goods, Tibetan metal ware and a collection of wooden items. Apart from this, walking sticks, bowls, trays, cane baskets and jewellery are the other prominent articles available at the Mall.



Kempty Fall:-

kemptyfalls-mussoorieKempty Falls, situated at an altitude of 4,500 ft, is one of the popular tourist places of Mussoorie. It is a beautiful waterfall, which falls from a height of about 40 ft from a mountain. This fall is located on way between Dehradun-Mussoorie path. John Mekinan, in 1835, had developed this place as a tourist destination due to its panoramic surroundings and views. The name of the place is derived from Camp-tea, the place where Britishers organised tea parties during their ruling period. The falls is one of the largest among five down rushing falls, which flows down through various rocks and finally enters into the plains. While going 12 km downhill and after crossing the Aglar River, tourists can also reach the Yamuna River. Further, the site is also popular for swimming and fishing activities.



Gun Hill:-

Mussoorie-Photos-View-from-Cable-Car-going-to-Gun-Hill-Mussoorie-Mussoorie-6759-32-JPG-destreviewimages-510x286-1324605067Gun Hill is one of the popular tourist attractions of Mussoorie, possessing historical significance dating back to pre-independence. It is believed that a canon was fired from the place at a fixed time on every afternoon. This firing at the hill provided an idea of time to the local residents of the destination and they adjusted their watches accordingly. Situated at a height of 400 ft above The Mall, the location presently houses a water reservoir of the destination. Tourists can witness snow capped peaks of Himalayas and The Mall on either side of the place.



Municipal Garden:-

Municipal GardenMunicipal Garden, also known as Company Bagh, is situated in the Happy Valley area of this beautiful town. Often known as Botanical Gardens, the park is maintained by the Garden Welfare Association of the destination. The garden is located at around 3 km from the Library point and in close vicinity of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administration Academy. The garden houses a large variety of flora and birds, making it popular among nature lovers. Housing 800 different species of flowers, the garden has a nursery, which offers a wide range of saplings for sale.


Antiques and Handicrafts Couple of shops on the Mall road offers good candle-stands, lamps, antique british furniture, decoratives, gift items and all kinds of indian handicrafts and porcelain figures.


Mussoorie, being a major tourist location, has a number of multi-cuisine restaurants. Mussoorie boasts of a number of hotels and restaurants which serve cuisine from all parts of the world. Yet, you should not miss out on some sumptuous Tibetan and north Indian food that is sure to make you lick fingers.


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