Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. The city is known to give shape to dreams of many because of its plentiful resources, this is the reason it is often termed as the ‘Dream city of India’. Mumbai is also the financial capital of India.



By Air:-
Mumbai can be reached through numerous flights. The international terminal Sahar, renamed as Chatrapati Sivaji International Airport operates round the clock. Hotel bookings and pre-paid taxis are available at the terminal.  The domestic terminal Santa Cruz is about 5km apart and can easily be reached through regular shuttle buses between the two terminals. The domestic airport is well connected and can be used to visit most parts of Western and Southern India.

By Rail:-
Mumbai is a prominent railway hub of the country. It is the headquarters to two railway zones, central and western.
While Central Railways handles services to the east and south, Western Railways has services to the north from Churchgate and Central stations. The main railway station Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) formerly known, as Victoria terminus (VT) is located in the heart of the city. Local and outstation trains ply from here. Other railway stations are Dadar, Churchgate and Kurla. Bookings are to be made in advance to avoid the last minute rush, as trains are the most used mode of transport. The extensive system of suburban electric train network is the most sought after transport means in Mumbai for city travel.

By Road:-
Mumbai is well connected by a network of roads to the rest of India by and state highways. Mumbai has one of the best public bus systems of any major Indian city called BEST buses. Mumbai has a huge fleet of metered black-and-yellow taxis as well.


Fantasy Land:-

fantacyFantasy Land entertains all with a fascinating series of rides and games. Among the most eye-catching ride options, the Roller Coaster Ride, also called by the name of ze ulta fulta express, is the unique feature of the Park. This ride literally takes one for a ride and that too with a full 360 degree spin towards the sky.





Suraj water Park:-

surajSuraj Water Park is set on a lush green area of 17 acres. The amazing wonderland surrounded by water has made a place in the Limca Book of Records for its 103 feet long cave made up of fiber glass. Located near Mumbai, the Park is an easily reachable destination. With a combination of exciting water rides, the Park is a perfect recreational hub of Mumbai. Some of its significant features are.




Water Park:-

water parkWater Kingdom, Asia’s largest water Park, is a renowned place of amusement located on the borders of Mumbai. The Park is a perfect world of delight with hordes of water wonders that come in the form of thrilling rides. Located by the side of Essel World, the place is connected with the western express highway.






tikuji ni wadiTikuji-ni-Wadi, a Family Theme Park, is set in between the serene hills of Manpada Chitralsar Thane. The Park is just a 40 km drive away from Mumbai. Opened in 1993 Tikuji-ni-Wadi today is an acknowledged tourist spot of Maharashtra. The place has an Amusement park, an Ocean Park and eateries.





Chowpatty Beach:-

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach is located on the north of Marine drive. Especially on weekends and holidays, the lively Chowpatty Beach turns into a picnic spot for the people of Mumbai. While on the ordinary working days, during the evening people come for a break from the tedious routine life. People of all age from young children to elderly people come here and enjoy the beauty of the sandy beach.




Juhu Beach:-

juhuJuhu Beach lies in the suburbs of Mumbai. To the west of Juhu Beach is the Arabian Sea and to its east are Santacruz and Vile Parle. The Versova Beach is towards the north of Juhu. It is situated 18-km north of the Mumbai city centre and one of the most posh areas of Mumbai. It is a popular destination for elite class for residential apartments and bungalows. A number of well known film personalities of the Indian film industry live here. It is even a favorite destination of filmmakers of Bollywood for shooting films. People even come here to immerse the idols of Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi.




Marine Drive:-

marine driveMarine Drive is a stretch of 3 km in South Mumbai, from Nariman Point to the end of the Malabar Hill. It is in the form of an inverted ‘C’, with a metal six lanes road running along the coast of Arabian Sea. It is popularly known as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’, because during the night the street lights shine like diamonds from a higher elevation. The Chowpatty Beach lies on the northern fringe of Marine Drive





Elephanta Caves:-

Elephanta CavesThe Elephanta Caves have large halls, courtyards, inner cells, porticos and vestibules that connect one part of the cave to the other part. The Caves have many images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. No wonder this place vibrates with positive energy and resonates with spiritual energy. However, the presiding deity of the Cave is Lord Shiva.





Flora Fountain:-

flora fountainLocated in the Fort district of Mumbai, the Flora Fountain is an attractive spot for tourist. The Flora Fountain was dedicated to the Governor of Mumbai, Sir Bartle Frere in recognition of his service to the city of Bombay. The Flora Fountain was named after the Roman Goddess Flora, the Goddess of prosperity and beauty.





Mumbai High Court:-

mumbai high courtThe Mumbai High Court was an important seat of legal and judicial jurisprudence, right from 1672. Under the strict supervision of Gerald Aungier, who was the Governor of the Surat Factory, George Wilcox became the Judge of the First British Court of Justice in Mumbai. However after the Revolt of 1857, the British Court was dissolved and the Bombay High Court came into prominence on 14th August 1862 under the ‘Indian High Court Act’ of 1861. After several decades of British rule, on 26th January 1950, the present day Bombay High Court acquired a separate Federal identity under the Supreme Court of India. With a long historical background, the High Court of Bombay is one of the oldest serving High Court of India


Kanheri caves:-

kanheri caves

The Kanheri caves are spread over a wide area. Each cave served as the room of a single monk which had a stone podium that was probably used as a bed. There is also a huge hall which houses the ‘Dagoba’ , a Buddhist Image. The Hall was used as a place for mass religious meetings or for group worship.





Gateway of India:-

gateway of indiaThe Gateway of India is one of the architectural marvel of our country. Located on the southern part of Mumbai on the shores of Arabian Sea, the Gateway of India is an important landmark of the city. It is virtually the starting point for any tourist who wants to get acquainted with the exuberant and exciting life of Mumbai. The huge monuments speaks at length about the history of our country. The beautifully engraved designs and the well built pillars remind us of the colonial rule and the sacrifices of our fellow country men.




Rajaji Clock Tower:-

rajabai-clock-tower-bombayLocated within the University Complex of Mumbai, Rajaji Clock Tower is one of the important landmarks of Mumbai that attracts many tourists through out the year. Modeled on the lines of London’s “Big Ben” , the Rajaji Clock Tower was built in the 19th century between 1869 and 1878 by George Gilbert. The tower derived its name from “Rajaji” who was the mother of a stock broker Premchand “Cotton King” Roychand who had borne the entire cost of building the clock tower.




University Building:-

University Building The University Building of Mumbai reflects the rich architecture and historicity of the city. The building is known for its rich architecture with its highly engraved pillars and ornamented arch. Spread over a huge area, the University building is a living example of French Gothic style. The University building was planned by Sir George Gilbert Scott. The large circular windows with stained glasses skylights showing the various zodiac signs are the main features of the building.




Worli Fort:-

Worli fort

The Worli Fort was built by the British as a precautionary measure around 1675 overlooking the Mahim Bay. The Fort is situated at a strategically important place from where the British Navy could see the vessels approaching the western coast of our country. The Worli Fort is does not attract many tourist because of the surrounding fishing areas. The Fort is in the middle of the Worli Fishing Village that makes the for quite inaccessible





Hanging garden:-

hanging gardenThe commercial capital of India, Mumbai is also famous for the entertainment and tourism industry. Mumbai has many places of interest in and around the city that attract huge number of tourists throughout the year, Hanging garden is one among them. Hanging Garden in Mumbai was built in1880 on the Malabar hills and later renovated in 1921. It is so called because this terraced garden lies on the slopes of Malabar hills.





Jijamata Udyan Zoo:-

jijamata udyan zooJijamata Udyan Zoo is located in Rani Jijamata Udyan Victoria Gardens, is established in 1861. It is one of the oldest zoos of India. The zoo is a habitat for a number of uncommon and endangered species of birds and animals. The garden covers a total area of more than 48 acres in Byculla, in the centre of Mumbai.





Kamala Nehru Park:-

kamala nehru parkKamala Nehru Park in Mumbai is the perfect spot for nature lovers, who want to spend their evenings or mornings in the lap of nature. It was established in 1952 and spread over an area of 4,000 sq. yards. The park derived its name after the wife of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.





Sanjay Gandhi National Park:-

sanjay gandhiSanjay Gandhi National Park is a beautiful park in Mumbai. It is situated on the northern part of the suburbs of Mumbai and spread over a total area of 104 sq. km. A huge number of people visit the park, it is roughly estimated that 2 million visitors come here annually. The park is decorated with a wide variety of flora and fauna.




Babulnath Temple:-


One of the most ancient temples in Mumbai is the Babulnath Temple. The residing deity in the Babul Nath temple is Lord Shiva, who is in the form of a Babul tree. The Babulnath Temple is situated in the South of Malabar Hill towards the end of Marine Drive. Situated at an altitude of almost 1,000 feet, the temple of Babulnath stands pretty looking across the Arabian Sea.




Buddhist Temple:-

Global-Vipassana-PagodThe Buddhist Temple of Mumbai is a renowned place of worship among the Buddhist people of India. This place of worship is located on Maulana Abdul Gaffar Khan Road in the north-west suburbs of Worli. This temple remains open daily. You can Visit the Buddhist Temple any time of the day.





Haji Ali Dargah:-

haji aliHaji Ali Dargah is a mosque in Mumbai built in the middle of the sea with a constricted path leading to the dargah. It is the tomb of Saint Haji Ali. The white mosque is located 500 yards into the sea and can be accessed only during the low tide.





jain temple:-

jain templeBabu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple is a very beautiful Jain Temple in Mumbai. Jain Temples are as it is famous for their beauty and the one in Mumbai is considered to be one of the most wonderful Jain Temples in India.





Mahalaxmi temple:-

mahalaxmi templenorthern Malabar Hills. The atmosphere around the temple is filled with serenity. Visitors find the ambiance, ideal for offering their prayers to God. Three deities reside in the Mahalaxmi Temple namely Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi. However, as the main idol is of the Goddess Lakshmi, the temple is named after her. The three religious idols are known as Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati. They are embellished with ornaments like pearl necklaces, gold bangles and nose rings.




Mount Mary Church:-

mount mary churchMount Mary Church is located on a beautiful hill on the outskirts of Mumbai. It is one of the most well known churches in Mumbai. It was constructed by the Portuguese in 1640 and was later reconstructed in 1761. It is believed that Mount Mary Church was destroyed in 1738, during a Maratha raid. Later Mother Mary’s statue was recovered from Arabian Sea by local fishermen and was kept in St. Andrews, before being moved to the newly constructed Mount Mary Church.




Mumbadevi Temple:-

Mumba-Devi-templeMumbadevi Temple in Mumbai is the temple of Maa Mumbadevi. Mumbai has derived its name from Goddess Mumbadevi. It is built to pay a tribute to the Goddess of Mumbai. There is a great mythological story attached to the creation of this temple.





Siddhivinayak Temple:-

sidhivinakThe Siddhivinayak Temple is a very famous temple in Mumbai. It is also known as Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple. This temple is situated at Prabhadevi in Mumbai. It is a two hundred years old Temple. People believe that Lord Ganesh of Siddhivinayak Temple fulfills the desire of His worshipers.





Walukeshwar Temple:-

walkeshwar templeThe Walukeshwar Temple was built around 1050 years ago by the Silharas. It got destructed by the French during the sixteenth century. The temple was re-constructed in 1715 by Rama Kamath. The recent structure of Walukeshwar Temple finally came into being in the 1950s.




Shopping in Mumbai is a memorable experience as one wanders through its bazaars with charming names like Chor Bazar, Mutton Street and Zaveri Bazar. Chor Bazaar is believed to have the original name Shor Bazaar or the Noisy Market, that aptly described the yelling and shouting of the local traders on Mutton Street while selling their second hand house hold goods.



The city has an extensive range of fine restaurants serving Indian, French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, Arab and Mexican food. The best restaurants of Mumbai run the gamut from top of the line elegant establishments with the finest selection of wines to family style restaurants to shacks and roadside vendors and stalls. Whatever may be your preference, whoever you are, whatever your wallet size, Mumbai is sure to adapt to your requirements. From restaurants in five-star hotels to shacks, stalls and vendors on the Juhu Beach, the range on offer is enormous. Bars, pubs, clubs and cafes serve drinks till about midnight.


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