Mokokchung, one of the districts in Nagaland, the Home of the Ao Naga tribe. It covers an area of 1,615 sq km. It is bounded by Assam to its north, Wokha to its west, Tuensang to its east, and Zunheboto to its south.
The physiography of the district shows six distinct hill ranges. The ranges are more or less parallel to each other and runs southeast direction. Explore the world of Mokokchung.


By Air:-
Jorhat Airport is just 57 km away from the Mokokchung.

By Train:-
Mariani Junction Railway Station is the closest junction which is just about 42 km away from the Mokokchung.

By Road:-
Mokokchung’s central location has helped it to be the converging point of maximum number of highways and hence it is better connected to most areas of Nagaland when compared to Kohima and Dimapur.




As an old Naga saying goes, “a single visit to Longkhum is not enough, for your soul stays behind the first time and you have to return there once for more to get it back”. This saying springs from the fact that Rhododendrons adorn the hillocks and the precipices surrounding it, providing an astounding sight during full bloom. Exquisite ethnic handlooms & handicrafts by the expert craftsmen are also found in plenty there. an animist religion called Limapur still exists in this village, where a few families worship a God called Longlanpa Tsungrem.



Ungma village:-

Ungma village

This is the oldest and the largest of all the Ao villages and the second largest village on Nagaland, next only to Bara Basti of Kohima. Ungma village is located about 3 km from Mokokchung Town. It occupies a unique position in the history of the Ao Nagas, for it is said that the whole Ao tribe founded this village when they first entered the land from their ancestral Home at Chungliyimti (now within the Sangtam Naga Territory). The rich Ao culture and tradition is jealously guarded and practiced bu the villagers even today and the place is considered to be a living museum of the traditions of the tribe.





Chuchuyimlang is the village of festivals for the Ao Nagas. The Moatsu festival, based on community bonding, takes place here from the first of May till the third. During this period, the villagers expressed their friendship towards villagers by exchanging gifts making new alliances, renewing old ties etc. The tourist village established there is a showcase of this spirit of the villagers in the most natural and uncontaminated manner.


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