Mandawa is capital of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Shekhawati is a semi-arid region located in the northeast part of Rajasthan, India. It encompasses the administrative districts of Churu, Jhunjhunu and Sikar. Inhabitants of Shekhawati are brave, sacrificing and hard working people. The region provides highest number of persons to the Indian Army. The Shekhawati region has produced large number of Marwaris who are controlling the economy of India. The region is popularly known as Scotland of India.
Mandawa castle, which was once said to be an important halt in the silk route but now it has paintings on folk and social themes with the European themes finding a clear cut reflection in the various murals and frescoes in the castle, located in Rajasthan, North India.



By Air:-
Jaipur is the nearest airport i.e. 190kms from Mandawa, It is is well connected the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumai, Kolkata etc.

By Rail:-
Jhunjhunu is the nearest railhead i.e. just 13 kms from Mandawa. It is connectd the major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Bharatpur etc.

By Road:-
Mandawa roads are in good condition. It iw well connecte the other cities of Rajasthan. You can choose the Rajasthan state transport or the private Coaches.



Murmuria Haveli:-

Murmuria Haveli

Murmuria Haveli is one of the major attractions in the region that was built with the paintings of trains, George V, cars, and Venice on the walls by Balu Ram during the 1930s. The haveli also marks a long wall painting depicting a train with a crow flying above the engine.




Churu Fort:-


Located 57 Kms from Mandawa in Churu city, the fort is located in a historical and a renowned district famous for forts and havelis built in the conventional Rajasthani architectural manner. The outer walls of these havelis and forts are festooned with the images illustrating the stories of local heroes. Churu Fort is among one of the famous tourist attractions and was established in 1739 by Thakur Khushal Singh.



Castle Mandawa:-


Mandawa was a business outpost for trading in Shekhawati area ruled by Thakur Nawal Singh. The Rajput ruler, in 1755 made a fort in order to safeguard this outpost. It is one of the top choices of the visitors to stay in.





Dundlod Fort:-


Located 36 Kms from Mandawa in Nawalghar city, a part of Shekhawati, Dundlod is basically a small town in the Jhunjhunu district and is known for the forts and havelis of 18th century. It is widely recognized for the Fort constructed by Rawal King in the 16th century, called as Dundlod Fort which serves as one of the key attractions in the region.




Goenka Double Haveli:-

With two huge gates and a grandiose front of elephants and horses, Goenka Double Haveli hast jutting balconies, the outer walls, alcoves and suspended upper storey equipped with wide ranging from conventional Rajasthani women, patterns and paintings and holy motifs to Europeans wearing fashionable hats etc.





Mukundgarh fort
Mukundgarh lies approximately 25 km to the southeast of Mandawa. A magnificent fort and a number of havelis add to the appeal of this town.






Shiva-Tempel in Nawalgarh
Mandawa excursions include the town of Nawalgarh, 37 km from Mandawa. The city of Nawalgarh is famous for some of the most brilliant paintings of the Shekhawati region. The havelis of Nawalgarh are quite famous for their amazing frescoes and exquisite architecture. Some of the known havelis are Anandilal Poddar Haveli, Aath Haveli, Hodh Raj Patodia Haveli, etc. Other attractions of this town include two forts, a beautiful palace, etc.



Mandawa is an excellent place for shopping.  Mandawa is famous for the exquisitely painted old havelis. Huge numbers of tourist come to Mandawa to see these. The skilled artisans of Mandawa have over the years perfected the art of painting. Now-a-days the artisans recreate the same paintings on cloth or on paper., they serve as excellent showpiece or souvenir. Even if you wish to decorate your home interior, pick up a piece or two while shopping in Mandawa.


There are no good restaurants to better try the multi cuisine restaurant of Castle Mandawa and the ethnic Rajasthani restaurant at the Desert Resort Mandawa.

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