The beautiful hill station is located in the northern sited of Kullu Valley. It is breathtaking views of snow capped mountains and forests, its an ideal romantic destination for honeymooners. It is referred as “the valley of Gods”. It is the city of Manu, the mythological character who is supposed to have survived when the world was drowned in Flood. He then came to Manali and recreated human life. Thus, the area of Manali is sacred and Hindus treat the temples over here as pilgrimage. Also known as the Queen of hill stations. Today this legendary cradle of all human kind is a prime holiday destination. There are high mountains surrounded by silent snows and deep boulder strew gorges. There are thick forests full of cool breezes and bird songs. There are fields of wild flowers, small picturesque hamlets and fruit laden orchards.
Manali, also home for mountaineers, due to the mountaineering institute, it is a popular base for trekking and mountaineering in summer and skiing in winter. Interesting routes into the surrounding valleys, over the high passes, are provided with tourist huts and rest houses for trekking enthusiasts.


By Air:-
Bhuntar is the nearest airport i.e. 52 kms from Manali. It is connected to the major cities like Jammu, Delhi etc.

By Rail:-
The nearest railhead is just 95kms from Manali, it connected by narrow gauze have options for regular trains. There are breath taking views between the route the stations so better hire a taxi to get more of panoramic views.

By Road:-
The roads to Manali are in good condition and offers a spectacular view of the picturesque Kullu valley. It is connected to the other major cites of the state and other states too. There is a good facility of compuertize booking so that tickets can be booked in advance. You can choose from private or state government buse service to reach Manali.



Hidimba Temple or Dhungiri temple:-

Hadimba_Temple_Manali(1 km ) Built in 1553 and with a superbly crafted four tiered pagoda roof, it is famous for its exquisitely carved doorway.






Manu Temple:-

manu-temple-manaliThe Manu Temple is situated in the old township of Manali. The ancient temple is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the chief market place in old Manali. Lying in the congested place, the temple is often visited by the tourists who arrive from different parts of the world to view the only existing temple in the country dedicated to the worship of the Rishi Manu.





vashisht-temple Well known for its hot springs. There are old temples dedicated to the sage Vashisth and to Lorde Rama. These are just beyond the Himachal Tourism baths.






Jagatsukh :-


The one time capital of Kullu, is the biggest villages in the region. Famous for the old temples deidicated to Lord Shiva and to Sandhya Gayatri. The Arjun caves are just ahead.





Tibetan monasteries:-

Tibetan-Monastery-ManaliOne of the most fascinating aspects of Manali is the fact that it has several colourful monasteries. These monasteries serve not only as a place of worship but also as guardians of the rich culture and history of the Tibetan people settled in Kullu and Manali.





Solang Valley :-

solangSolang valley offers the view of glaciers and snow capped mountains and peaks. It has fine ski slopes. The Mountaineering Institute has installed a ski lift for training purpose. Located here is a hut and guest house of the Mountaineering and Allied sports Institute, Manali. Now a few hotels have also come up. The winter skiing festival is organised here. Training in skiing is imparted at this place.




The Mall is the main shopping area in Manali, selling local Kullu and Kinnauri shawls, rugs, caps and footwear, imported goods, besides a range of Tibetan handicraft items. It is more of a busy commercial street with modern concrete blocks of hotels that spill over with tourists in the peak season. Other shopping zones in the Mall include- Hong Kong Market, Thai Market, Tibetan Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, Lama Underground, Shangri La Shopping Complex, New NAC Market and Snow Lion Underground Market.


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