Kolasib is most preferred by travellers from Hyderabad and Kolasib is also preferred by Couple, Single. Best season/months for places to visit in Kolasib are February, November, December. You can visit 2 tourist places in Kolasib with family, kids, friends, couples, parents, lover or girlfriend at any time like early morning, afternoon, evening or night which is suitable for you. There are some sightseeing in Kolasib which you can visit within half day or in one day but to see all sightseeing, you need to stay in Kolasib for 2 days to 3 days. You can also download our Kolasib travel guide to view places to visit in Kolasib with photos/pictures, map and read sightseeing reviews. Recently reviewed tourist attractions in Kolasib to hang out. Gardens or parks can be visited in any season during summer, monsoon or winter.


By Air:-
Lengpui Airport of Aizawl is the nearest airport. It is well connected with Guwahati, Silchar and Kolkata, through Vayudoot service.

By Rail:-
The nearest railway station is Silchar Railway Station. The only railway station in the district is located in Bairabi.

By Road:-
TransportKolasib is well connected to rest of India via Aizawl. One can easily reach Kolasib by road from Aizawl. The town of Kolasib is located at a distance of around 83 kms from state capital Aizawl. The National Highway 54 passes through the middle of the district from north to south direction.



Tamdil Lake:-

tamdil_lakeTamdil Lake, situated close to the Tlawng River, is around 85 km from the capital Aizawl, near the Saitual village. This lake is a fish farm and also serves as a picnic spot surrounded by high hills and virgin forests. It is also a popular boating site. Accommodation facility is available at the nearby lodge.




River Tlawng:-

River Tlawng, KolasibRiver Tlawng is around 185 km long and is regarded as the longest river in Mizoram. This river is also called Katakha or Dhaleswari in the local language. It primarily flows through the Aizawl District of Mizoram. The river is suitable for fishing.





The Mizo people love boiled food and non-vegeterian food. Try bai (boiled vegetables in water with of salt, chingal [now replaced with cooking soda], and sa-um). Try out also chhangban (mizo chhang), which is boiled or cooked dough of the glutinous rice. Sawhchiar is another common dish, made of rice cooked with pork or chicken. Other popular dishes are jadoh, kikpu, tung-toh, and pickled bamboo shoots.

The food is generally cheap /reasonable. Even roadside restarants are quite hygeinic. You can see the food cooked infront of you. This could be because all these places are run and managed by women.стоимость раскрутка сайта

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