The beautiful state of Jharkhand is set in the picturesque Chhotanagpur Plateau in eastern India. Carved out of Bihar, the state came in to existence on 15 November 2000. Jharkhand shares its borders with Bihar in the North, Chhattisgarh in the West, Orissa in the South and West Bengal in the East. Surrounded by lush green hills, Jharkhand is renowned for its rich mineral wealth, untouched beauty of the wooded forest, amazing wild life, and magnificent waterfalls. The rich and diverse culture and breathtaking scenic splendour of Jharkhand draw large number of tourists every year.




Bokaro-Bokaro Steel Plant-1Bokaro:-
Bakaro district is one of the most industrialized zone in India. It is one of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand state, India. It was established in 1991 by carving out one subdivision consisting of two blocks from Dhanbad District and six blocks from Giridih District.





KeridahChatra :-
Chatra is one of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand state, India, and Chatra is the administrative headquarters of this district. The district covers an area of 3706 km². It has a population of 790,680 (Census 2001).






Panchet Dam Dhanbad :-
Dhanbad The Coal Capital of India is a city in the state of Jharkhand.It is the most populous city in Jharkhand.Dhanbad is famous for coal mining.





Hazaribagh Lake Hazaribagh:-
Hazaribagh is a city and a municipality in Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the divisional headquarters of North Chotanagpur division. It is famous as a health resort and for Hazaribagh National Park (17 km from city).





Jamshedpur-Rivers Meet-1Jamshedpur:-
Jamshedpur is the largest and the most populous Urban Agglomeration in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the largest city in Jharkhand, and a major industrial zone in Eastern India . Jamshedpur is the first planned industrial city of India, founded by Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata. It is also known as Steel City, TataNagar or simply Tata. It was first known for its mahua trees and rassi/tarri drinkers who extracted juices from various trees and then fermented them into liquor. There is an old Indian saying “Piyo or Jiyo”.



Netarhat Hills Netarhat:-
Netarhat is a town in Latehar districtearlier in the erstwhile Palamu districtin the Indian state of Jharkhand.Referred to as the “Queen of Chotanagpur”, it is a popular hill station.




Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand, India. Ranchi was the center of the Jharkhand movement for a separate state for tribal region of south Bihar. This state was formed on the 15th of November 2000, by carving out the districts form the Chhotanagpur and Santhal Parganas divisions of Bihar.


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