Travelling to Jhansi is an amazing experience. Gradually the city is gaining good reviews from all over the world. The city is growing in terms of both industries as well as in terms of tourist destination. Jhansi is a very pleasant soothing place. The place is quite away from the noisy hustle bustle of the metropolitan cities. Jhansi is one of the historical cities of India. India has got some fond memories attached with this city. Jhansi reflects as an example for traditional and modern culture. It is located near the river banks of Pahunj River, sandwiched between Pahunj and Betwa River.

Connectivity is never a problem for the city of Jhansi, as the city is well connected through roadways, railways and airways to all the major cities in India.

By Air:-
The nearest airport that is connected to the city is the Gwalior airport. Therefore all the major cities are connected to this airport. There are number of flights everyday connecting Jhansi to other major cities. Few of them are given below.

By Train:-
There are a number of trains connecting to Jhansi from all the major states and capitals in India

By Road:-
Travelling to Jhansi by road is a pleasurable experience. The journey is very smooth as the city is well connected through highways to all the major cities and towns in India. Buses are available to Jhansi from almost all the states and cities. NH 26, NH 25 and NH 75 pass through Jhansi.



Jhansi Fort:-

Jhansi-Fort-Jhansi-IndiaOne of the main tourist attractions of Jhansi is the Jhansi Fort. It is one of the oldest forts in Jhansi, and was built by the Raja Bir Singh Judao in 1627. This fort is built on a rock and had 10 gates, some of them have disappeared with time but some of them still exist.





Government Museum:-

government-museum-jhansiThis museum is another popular tourist attraction and is centrally located within the city and is visited by many. The area around this museum is covered with beautiful gardens. This museum also has an auditorium and an open theatre and also gives a fantastic view of the Jhansi Fort. The Government Museum contains a rich collection of ancient sculptures, statues and war relics.





Rani Mahal:-

Rani MahalRani Mahal or otherwise known as the Queen’s Palace was built by Raghunath II of Newalkar family in the year 1796. The situation of Rani Mahal is absolutely apt, as it is situated in the heart of the city. The Rani Mahal is fully decorated with beautiful paintings and other things and now this Mahal has been converted into a museum and attract number of tourists every year.




Mahalaxmi Temple:-

Mahalaxmi TempleThis temple is quite famous and is visited by many devotees every year. This temple is mainly devoted to Goddess Mahalaxmi. Special puja takes place during Diwali, and this is the peak time when devotees visit this temple.




Jhansi is a small city when compared to the fully developed metropolitan cities. The city is traditionally quite rich but in terms of modernization this city is still developing. There is lot to explore in this city in terms of the monuments and forts, but this place is not really a shopping destination.

Handicrafts and Markets in Jhansi:-
Though one could find traditional stuff quite easily, and all this traditional stuff is of good quality and gives a reflection of Indian culture and tradition.разработка сайтов прайс

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