Jashpur District lies in the north-eastern corner of the state of Chhattisgarh in India adjoining the border of Jharkhand and Odisha. Jashpur Nagar is the administrative headquarters of the district. It is currently a part of the Red Corridor.


By Air:-
Raipur Airport aka Mana Airport (480 km) is the nearest airport within the state where as Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Airport at Khokambatoli, Kathalkocha in Jharkhand state is 150 km from Jashpur Nagar. Raipur and Ranchi both are connected by air to major cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhopal and Ahmedabad. Tourists can hire local taxis for a fare of Rs. 7-10 per kilometer from the airport to the city of Jashpur Nagar.

By Rail:-
Raigad Railway Station (199 km) is the nearest railway station within Chhattisgarh state to reach Jashpur Nagar city. Alternatively, Jharsuguda (109 km) and Rourkela (98 km) in Orissa state are the two major railway heads that could be easily accessed from the city. Metered taxis and state buses are available for the tourists to reach these railway stations.

By Bus:-
Jashpur Nagar can be easily accessed by tourists as regular bus services provided by CSRTC are available for travelers’ convenience. The city is well connected to major cities within the state Chhattisgarh.


Kotebira Eb River:-

Kotebira Eb RiverThe Kotebira Eb River is a very popular destination of Jashpur. It is believed that God was very pleased while visiting this region and he thought to construct a dam at the site, overnight. He started but failed to complete before sunrise and hence, the work remained incomplete. This makes the rock look like a dam wall. Each year, a ‘mela’ is organised at this place.





DameraDamera is located south of Jashpur Nagar, about 12 km from the Badhyee Khana village. A fair is held every year at this place, during Kartik purnima and Ram Navami. The place is also historically significant.





Rajpuri Waterfall:-

Rajpuri WaterfallThe area around the Rajpuri Waterfall is a very popular picnic spot famed for its natural beauty. This waterfall is situated near Bagicha, around 90 km from the town headquarters.





Kailash Gupha:-

Kailash-GuphaThe Kailash Gupha has been formed in the mountains and is famous for its architecture. Near the cave, there is the Samarbar Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya. It is the second Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya in the country.





Bhringraj Waterfall:-

Bhringraj WaterfallThe Bhringraj Waterfall is located around 15 km from the district headquarters and is a popular picnic spot.






Gullu Waterfall:-

Gullu WaterfallThe Gullu Waterfall is located near Gullu village, around 25 km from Jashpur Nagar. It originates from Eb River. Badalkhol Abhyaran is close to this waterfall.





Snake Park:-

snake park

The Snake Park has been developed in Tapkara to protect the rare species of snakes found in the region.






Bel Mahadev:-

Bel MahadevBel Mahadev is a natural religious cave in a hilly region located 2 km from Jashpur Nagar. Thousands of devotees visit this place during Mahashivratri.


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