Jaisalmer is a small desert city of the Thar desert, but it is immensely beautiful and world famous. This lovely city will reminds you of the Arabian nights. Every third foreign tourist lands to Jaisalmer & thousands of domestic tourists come here to experience the magic of Desert and feel the real Rajasthan. The city a located around the stunning 12th century fort called the Jaisalmer Fort. The main highlight is the robust desert life and the beautiful Haveli with incredible carving. You can roam around the narrow lanes of the fort and the city, or do shopping, or can enjoy camel safari, jeep safari, camp fire and much more.

By Air: –
Jodhpur is the nearest airport i.e. 285km, it is well connected with daily flights to Dehli, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur

By Rail: –
There are few express and regular trains from the major cites like Delhi, Jaipur jodhpur.

By Road :-
Roads are in good condition. It is connected to the other major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhopur, Bikaner, Udaipur. You can try the state transport buses or the private luxury coach.




Jaisalmer Fort:-

jaisalmer-1The stunning fort is called the Sonar Killa or the golden fort. It was built in 12th century by Bhatti Rajputs. The fort has temples, beautifully carved havelis, houses. The rich merchant inspired by the classic style of the royals , constructed huge mansions (havelis) adjacent to each other in the nature of medieval culture and profusely decorated walls and ceilings and intricately carved outdoors and interiors.





Nathmal Ji Ki haveli:-

NathmalJi Ki haveliThe lovely haveli was built in 19th Centurey by two architect brothers. Paintings in miniature style monopolise the walls in the interior. Mighty tuskers carved out of yellow sandstone stand guard to the haveli.





Salim Singh Ki Haveli:-

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis haveli was built about 300 years ago and a part of it is still occupied. Salim Singh was the prime minister when Jaisalmer was the capital of the princely state and his mansion has a beautifully arched roof with superb carved brackets in the form of Peacocks. The mansion is just below the hill and it is said that once it had two additional wooden storeys in an attempt to make it as high as the maharaja’s palace, but the maharaja had the upper storey torn down.




Patwao Ji Ki Haveli:-

Patwon-Ki-HaveliThis is one of the largest and most elaborate Haveli in Jaisalmer and stands in a narrow lane. It is five storeys high and is extensively carved. It is divided into six apartments, two owned by archaeological Survey of India, two by families who operate craft-shops and two private homes. There are remnants of paintings on some of the inside walls as well as some mirror work.




Tazia Tower:-

tazia-towerThe delicate pagoda like Tazia Tower rises from Badal Mahal (Cloud Palace). Rising in its five-tiered splendour, with each storey graced by a delicately carved balcony, the tower is of historical significance. Muslim craftsmen built it in the shape of a Tazia and gifted it to their royal patron.





Desert National Park:-

desert-national-park-jaisalmerThe Desert National Park is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert and its rich fauna. The Sudashri forest post is the most ideal place for observing wildlife in the Desert National Park. Sand dunes form less than 20 percent of the Park, which consists of craggy rocks, pavements and compact salt lake bottoms, intermedial areas and fixed dunes. Its inhabitants include the blackbuck, chinkara, wolf, Indian fox, desert fox, hare and desert cat. Flights of sand rouse start coming to waterholes from sunrise onwards. One also hear the morning call of the grey partridge. Blue tailed and green bee-eaters, drongos, common and bush quail and Indian rollers are birds, which are commonly found around waterholes. the park is also home to the great Indian Bustard which is peril of extinction.



Gadi Sagar:-

Gadi Sagar LakeThis tank, south of the city walls, once held the town water supply, and befitting its importance in providing precious water to the inhabitants of this arid city, it is surrounded by small temples and shrines. The beautiful yellow sandstone gateway arching across the road down to the tank is the Tilon-ki-Pol, and is said to have been built by a famous prostitute, Tilon . When she offered to pay to have this gateway constructed, the Maharaja refused permission under it to go down to the tank and he felt that this would be beneath his dignity. While he was away, she built the gate , adding a Krishna temple on top so that king could not tear it down.



Desert Festival:-

desert-festivalOnce a year in winters and on the middle of the continually rising and falling stark yellow sands of the great Thar Desert, the empty sands around Jaisalmer come alive with the brilliant colour, music and laughter of the Desert Festival. The festival is organised by the tourist authorities as tourist entertainment around January-February. The very rich and colourful Rajasthani folk culture is on show here for a few days. Rajasthani men and tall beautiful women dressed in their brightly costumes dance and sing lingering ballads of valour, romance and tragedy. Traditional musicians attempt to outdo each other in their musical superiority.


A number of traditional Rajasthani handicrafts are available in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is famous for embroidery, Rajasthani mirror work, rugs, blankets, antiques and old stonework. There are lots of shops but try to venture in government owned and operated ones. This will save you extra dollars that would have gone in the pockets of guides in the form of commission. If you want to buy fabrics such as Tie-dye and other fabrics, try the government operated Khadi Gramuddyog Bhavan.


All the luxury hotels have their won specialty restaurants, where you can get any type of cuisines, like Indian, Chinese, Continental and Rajasthani.
Trio Restaurant – Rajasthani cuisine, said to be the best in the city.
Gopa Chowk – Its a good vegetarian fare, typically Rajasthani cuisine.
Kalpana Restaurant – Tandoori khana served in one of the best bars in the city.
Monica Restaurant – Indian/Chinese/Continental.
Natraj Restaurant – Indian meals.
Top deck – Indian /Chinese/Continental restaurant.


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