Hazaribagh is a city and a municipality in Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the divisional headquarters of North Chotanagpur division. It is famous as a health resort and for Hazaribagh National Park (17 km from city).

In ancient times the district was covered with inaccessible forests inhabited by tribes who remained independent. The entire territory of Chhotanagpur, known as Jharkhand (meaning forest territory) was presumably beyond the pale of outside influence in ancient India. Throughout the Turko-Afghan period (up to 1526 CE), the area remained virtually free from external influence. It was only with the accession of Akbar to the throne of Delhi in 1556 that Muslim influence penetrated Jharkhand, then known to the Mughals as Kokrah. In 1585, Akbar sent a force under the command of Shahbaj Khan to reduce the Raja of Chotanagpur to the position of a tributary. After the death of Akbar in 1605, the area presumably regained its independence. This necessitated an expedition in 1616 by Ibrahim Khan Fateh Jang, the Governor of Bihar and brother of Queen Noorjehan. Ibrahim Khan defeated and captured Durjan Sal, the 46th Raja of Chotanagpur. He was imprisoned for 12 years but was later released and reinstated on the throne after he had shown his ability in distinguishing a real diamond from a fake one.


By Air:-
The nearest Domestic Airport is Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi, roughly two hour drive from Hazaribagh. It is well connected to a spectrum of cities in the country like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna through Jet Airways, Air India, Go Air and Indigo. The nearest International Airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata roughly 389 Kms from Hazaribagh. The Airport is well connected with other major cities such as Frankfurt, Bangkok, Paro, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai and Yangon. Domestic flights are also available for the cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

By Road:-
Hazaribagh is very well connected to various major cities by road. It is 49 Kms from Ramgarh Cantonment, 93 Kms from Ranchi, 120 Kms from Bodhgaya, 231 Kms from Jamshedpur, 240 Kms from Patna, 383 Kms from Howrah and 389 Kms from Kolkata. It is well connected with the above cities through Jharkhand State Road Transport Corporation (JSRTC) and some private travel services.

By Train:-
The nearest Railway Station is Hazaribagh Railway Station from Hazaribagh, located at a distance of 75 Kms. It is situated on the major New Delhi-Kolkata a railway line and is linked with the cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore, Lucknow, Chennai, Ranchi, Bodhgaya, Jamshedpur, Howrah, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna and Gaya.



Hazaribagh National Park:-

hazaribagh national parkThe Hazaribagh National Park is located at a distance of 19 km on the NH no- 33 from Hazaribagh town. This is one of the most renowned Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, standing on a stretch of 184 sq. km amidst meadows and dense tropical forests. The sanctuary has a long road about 111 km that takes to the remote ends of this sanctuary and to the masonry towers from which spotting the animals is easier.




Rajrappa-TempleRajrappa is an important pilgrimage site of the Hazaribagh District and is situated at the confluence of rivers Damodar and Bhera. This place has a famous temple dedicated to Goddess Chhinnamastka and has idols of Maa Kali, Lord Hanuman and Ashtdhari. During the occasion of Makar Sankranti a grand fair is organised here.





Suraj Kund:-

Suraj KundSuraj Kund is a major tourist attraction given its unique distinction of being the ‘hottest’ hot water spring in India. The spring’s waters which have curative properties are always at a temperature of 87 degrees celsius.





Konar Dam:-

Hazaribagh-Konar Dam-3Konar Dam is located at Banaso at a distance of 50 km from Hazaribagh on the Vishnugarh – Bokaro Main Road. To reach here, tourists have to take the NH 100 from the main town of Hazaribagh to stop at Vishnugarh, which is around 35 km from the town. From Vishnugarh, a right and then a drive for 30 minutes more on the Vishnugarh – Bokaro Road will take to Banaso.




Canary Hill:-

Canary HillAfter the lake, the most popular landmark in the town of Hazaribagh is the Canary Hill. This hill is situated in the middle of dense forest and has a tiny lake at its base. To explore this hill, one should either climb the steps to the top or take a car and drive up to a rest house at the top of a hill near the forest.




Hazaribagh Lake:-

Hazaribagh LakeThe most distinguished landmark of the town of Hazaribagh is the Hazaribagh Lake. This area is most prominent which houses the bungalows of various civil servants, ranging from the commissioner to the judges of the district.






Bhadrakali Temple:-

Bhadrakali Temple The Bhadrakali Temple is located about 60 km from the district headquarters. This temple is about 400 years old and houses the statue of Bhadrakali. It is located at the confluence of River Mahane and River Vaksha.

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