Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat State, India. It is one out of the three planned cities of India. In 1960 when the old Bombay State was partitioned into Maharashtra and Gujarat, the city of Bombay went to Maharashtra. It was then decided to construct a new capital for Gujarat. Thus was the genesis of Gandhinagar, the second planned city in India after Chandigarh. Gandhinagar occupies an area 57 sq. kms. It presents a spacious, well designed look of an architecturally integrated city. It has 30 sectors with each sector having its own shopping, health, housing colonies and community centre. Extensive planting of trees and large recreational areas along the river gives the city a fresh, green garden city atmosphere. The famous temple of Swaminarayan is also built in Gandhinagar.

By Air:-
Nearest airport is Ahmedabad.

By Rail:-
Nearest railway station are Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

By Road:-
State transport buses connects various centres of Gujarat. It is situated 32 Kms north-east of Ahmedabad.




Akshardham :-


It is the famous temple of “Swaminarayan Sect” which is the richest sect in the world. It is a unique cultural complex built in Gandhinagar in memory of Lord Swaminrayan. Inspired by H. D. Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Akshardham is a miracle worked by the service and devotion of thousands of volunteers. It is an intricately carved, majestic monuments of 6000 tons of pink sand stone awash with spiritual stillness. The entire monument was built without the use of steel. Besides a 7 feet gold leafed idol of Lord Swaminarayan and his holy relics, there are three exhibitions on Indian Culture with light and Sound shows, a multimedia show and an animatronic show. Games, rides and food refreshments are other attractions of Akshardham.


Children’s Park :-


A major attraction for children and holiday, makers of the Children’s Park in Sector 28 has a mini train and a lake with boating facilities.







Sarita Udyan –

Sarita UdyanIn sector 9 and along the river front is the lovely Sarita Udyan, an ideal spot for picnickers. The entire area is being developed to provide full recreational facilities. Deer Park – Adjacent to Sarita Udyan, at Indroda village, on the outskirts of the capital city, is the sprawling deer park – a big draw for both children and adults.





Craftsmen’s Village :-

Craftsmen's Village

Located near Gandhinagar, on the Sabarmati river back, is Pethapur village, only 7kms from the capital. Once famous for its colourful `Bandhani’ saris, the village also used to export wooden printing blocks to Singapore. The wooden blocks, with exquisite patterns carved on them, are used for the hand-printing of cloth. They are still in demand in the major hand, printing centres of India like Ahmedabad, Bombay, Jetpur and Rajkot. The Pethapur craftsmen are mainly Gujjar Suthars. Architectural Marvel – Adalaj Stepwell, 15 kms from the capital on the National Highway, is famous for its unique architecture with a huge artistic edifice and a flight of steps that enables one to reach the water, whatever be its level. The Adalaj stepwell is considered to be the best of all stepwells in Gujarat.

Gandhinagar offers a great deal when it comes to art and craft. Shopping in Gandhinagar is considered incomplete if you don’t buy Khadi clothing. These clothes are ideal for the Indian summers. Shopping in Gandhinagar is all about buying colourful, handmade traditional stuff. Gandhinagar is famous for bandhni sarees and the wooden printing blocks. Shoppaholics can shop for traditional items like jwellery, clothes, bangles etc to their hearts content. You will also get some good quality of khaadi fabric here.

Gujarati thalis are very famous and you can get it anywhere.

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