Ganapatipule is a small village in Maharashtra which has a long stretch of beautiful beaches. A beach itself named Ganapatipule is the most beautiful and stunning of all the beaches. Sun kissed beaches and lush greenery seem to be in an eternal love affair in chaste lands of Ganapatipule. There are also some water sports facilities here. Besides, a Ganpati (Lord Ganesha) temple is also located at the beach.


 By Air:-
The nearest airport to Ganapatipule is the Ratnagiri airport which is located at a distance of 50 kms from the place. Belgaum airport is also there at a distance of 300 kms. From both of these airports, one can get taxis to reach Ganapatipule at a very reasonable cost. All this makes how to reach Ganapatipule very each.

By Road:-
location Distance: Mumbai to Ganapatipule 321 KM
The state road transport buses are available from Mumbai, Pune and Belgaum that connects the place with various major cities of the state. One can reach the desired destination with ease at a very economical cost.

By Train:-
The Konkan Railway Bhoke is the nearest railhead located at a distance of 35 kms from Ganapatipule. The Rtnagiri railway station is also there at a distance of 45 kms that connects the place with various cities of the state as well as the country.


Ganapatipule Beach:-

ganapatipule-beachGanapatipule Virgin Beach is one of the main tourist attractions in Ganapatipule. It is a 6 km long beach with facilities for water sports like motor boats, rowboats, water scooters, etc. Facilities of aero boats and pedal boats are also available here.





Ganapatipule Temple:-

Ganapatipule TempleThe Ganapatipule Temple is located at the foot of a hillock. The interior design of this temple is quite different from that of other Indian temples. The deity of this temple faces the west unlike other Indian temples in which the deity faces the east.





Jaigad Fort:-


Jaigad Fort is located at the tip of a peninsula in the district of Ratnagiri. It overlooks the bay formed at the place where the Shastri River meets the Arabian Sea. This fort is about 35 km from the region of Ganapatipule and has a lighthouse nearby which is known as the Jaigad Lighthouse. Though the fort is in ruins, the exterior walls are an attraction because of the bulwarks.

On the eastern and northern part of the fort, there is a deep pit or a ‘khandak’ and its door is on the right side of the bastion. In the premises of this fort, there are three wells, two wells about 70 feet deep and a third well about 100 feet deep.


lighthouse of Jaigad:-

lighthouse of JaigadThe lighthouse of Jaigad was built in the year 1832 and is situated on the western edge of Jaigad Fort. The Jaigad lighthouse was built by British army officer John Oswald and is around 180 years old. The lighthouse is open until 5 pm, except Sundays. It guides ships sailing in between the regions of Dabhol and Ratnagiri.




Baw Palace:-

Baw PalaceThe baw Palace was the home of the exiled king and queen of erstwhile Burma for nearly five years. Some of the selective stone tombs and belongings are still preserved in the palace.






The Ratnagiri belt is famous for its kokum and mango products. So we bought dried kokum (used in Indian dishes), kokum sherbet, mango pickles, aam-papad, etc. We also saw quite a few shops selling wooden toys and show-pieces. Some say they are the speciality of the area.


Most of them served home-style food and would close down even before 8 in the evening. The only restaurant that we could find was the one inside MTDC resort and we had to wait to find a table. Even the taste of food was just about okay and we ate only to fill ourselves. The Chinese dishes that we ordered tasted more like Punjabi cuisine. At least the breakfast was good, because we like Indian snacks. The beach-side cafes, that I mentioned before, served hot and spicy wadapav, misal, puri-bhaaji, etc. If you like burgers, fries, sandwiches, omelettes and cakes for breakfast, forget it.

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