Ferozepur District is dotted with a number of holy shrines, historical places and memorials in and around it. One may assume it as the most unlikely place for a tourist to visit but it has many pleasant surprises for the travellers. In the past, Ferozepur town was surrounded by a circular wall with many gates like Delhi Gate, Mjori Gate, Baghdadi Gate, Zira Gate, Makhu Gate, Bansanwala Gate, Amritsari Gate, Kasuri Gate, Multani Gate and Magazine Gate. Out of these Baghdadi and Multani Gates still exist.



By Air:-
The nearest International Airport from the city is Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, Amritsar, roughly 2 hr drive from Ferozepur. The second nearest International Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, roughly 5 hr drive from the city.
Reach Ferozepur By Road

By Road:-
Ferozepur is 98 Kms from Bathinda, 109 Kms from Kapurthala, 116 Kms from Amritsar, 124 Kms from Jalandhar, 125 Kms from Ludhiana and 222 Kms from Chandigarh etc. It is well connected with these cities through Punjab State Road Transport Corporation (PSRTC).

By Train:-
There are two railway stations located in Ferozepur. The Ferozepur Cantonment Railway Station is the major Railway Station located in the cantonment place of Ferozepur and is connected with the cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jammu and Punjab.



Gurudwara Gurusar:-

Gurudwara GurusarGurudwara Gurusar, built in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh at Bazidpur, situated 7 kms from Ferozepur cantonment. It is said that the Guru rested at this place on his way after the battle of Muktsar. A big fair is held here on Vasant Panchami.






Anglo Sikh War Memorial:-

Anglo Sikh War MemorialAnglo Sikh War Memorial was constructed by the state government of Punjab to perpetuate the memory of the brave martyrs who laid down their lives for the independence of the country. This is one of the major tourist attractions of Ferozepur District with great historical importance. The memorial was built to immortalize the irrepressible revolutionary spirit of three martyrs. On 23rd of March every year a fair is held at this place and thousands of people gather here to pay their homage to the great martyrs who made sacrifice for the sake of the country`s freedom.



Barki Memorial:-

Barki MemorialBarki Memorial was constructed in 1969 to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers of the 7 Infantry Division who made the sacrifices on the battle field in 1965 and paved the way for the fall of Barki a town situated at a distance of 15 miles south east of Lahore. The foundation stone of this memorial was laid in the year 1969. The memorial which now forms a part of Saragarhi Complex has a pillar in the centre, a Patten tank and a Barki mile stone in the south and a water fountain in the North The pillar is 27 feet high and is built of red and white sand stone. The relief carvings are in classical Indian architectural style. The fountain denotes symbolically that the memory of those who laid down their lives will for ever remain green and lush by an abundant spray of water.



Saragarhi Memorial:-

Saragarhi Memorial GurdwaraSaragarhi Memorial Gurudwara was built to commemorate the heroic martyrdom of 21 soldiers, who died without surrendering to the enemy in defence of Saragarhi post of Baluchistan on 12th September, 1897. The Gurudwara, circular in shape and located in a well laid out park, is unique for its marvelous style of architecture. Every year on September 12, the Saragarhi Day is celebrated and thousands of people flock here to pay tribute to the heroic soldier.




Ferozepur Cantonment:-

CANTONMENT BOARD FEROZEPURFerozepur Cantonment, one of the oldest cantonments, was established in 1838 by Sir Henry Lawrence, who was posted here as the Assistant Political Agent. Today it is proud to be one of the oldest Cantonments of the country with an invaluable and enviable heritage of buildings, both of historical and architectural importance like Saragarhi Memorial, Barki Square, Mamdot Fort, Anglo Sikh war memorial to name a few. The Fort in the Cantonment was constructed in 1810 in an area of 65 acres. The British occupied this fort treacherously and converted it into a garrison in 1839. Surrounded by a huge stone wall, a big bund made of mud and a deep trench, the fort now houses some army units including the ordnance unit. Most of the massive building and the magazine constructed by the British inside the fort are still intact.



Harike Wildlife Sanctuaries:-

Harike Wildlife SanctuaryHarike is one of the most important Wild Life Sanctuaries of the country. Situated on the confluence of the Beas River and Sutlej River at Ferozepur and Amritsar border the sanctuary encompass an area of approximately 86 sq km. The area was declared as a Wild Life Sanctuary in 1999 and because of its importance as a wetland of international stature. The sanctuary is considered as a bird watchers paradise and attracts thousands of migratory birds during winter, some from as far off as Siberia and the Arctic. It is a refuge for a large number of resident and migratory birds. Some 45,000 ducks have been recorded here during the peak migratory season.


You can shop at various places at Ferozepur Adhar and Amartex are fine places for shopping.

Many of the most commonly known Anglo-Indian dishes are actually derived from a Punjabi base. Tandoor, naan, pakora are some of the most common delicacies in Punjab. Punjabi cuisine in general has influenced more American Culture beyond just providing food.

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