Dimapur is positioned in the western part of Nagaland state. The Dimapur periphery is formed by Dhansiri River on one side while the other side of the area has woody meadows and hills. Dimapur was the former capital of the Kachari tribe who were the residents of this place in the 13th century. Till today, the remains of their presence can be found here. Archeologists have found so many temples, and monuments which provide a glimpse of the past of this city. The major attractions of the city apart from historical heritages are the handlooms and handicraft work which is done by the local people. These handicrafts and handlooms are very famous and provide an important means of livelihood to the people of this area.

By Air:-
Dimapur has its own airport which is located nearly 4 km from the city. Dimpaur airport accommodates flights from Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal on regular basis by Air Alliance and Air Deccan.

By Road:-
Dimapur is connected to all major cities of north-eastern India via road. Various state transport buses from cities of neighboring states come to Dimapur on a regular basis. Main places near Dimapur are Kohima (60 km), Imphal (204 km) and Shillong (307 km).

By Train:-
Dimapur railway station is a major railhead of this place and so many trains from all major cities of India come to this city. Major trains from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai are available on regular basis.


Medieval Kachari Kingdom:-

Dimapur is the ancient capital of the Kachari tribe, whose rule existed before the 13th century AD. Reminiscences of the glory of this kingdom can be found on the ruins that are scattered in and around the town. These ruins give evidence of a culture that probably had a touch of Hinduism, but were predominantly Non-Aryan. besides monoliths, Dimapur contains other ruins of temples, embankments and baths.



 Diezephe Craft Village:-

Located 13 km from Dimapur, Diezephe Craft Village houses expert weavers and craftsmen, deft in the arts of woodcarving, bamboo and cane works. Under the guidance of the Nagaland handloom and handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, this village has taken significant strides in these crafts, in the recent times.




Rangapahar Reserve forest:-

Rangapahar Reserve forest
Dimapur houses the Rangapahar Reserve forest (20.20 hectares) in its vicinity. It is home to many animals and birds which make this reserve a nature lover’s haven.





Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts
While in Nagaland, one should not forget to visit the centre were you can buy the beautifully woven Naga Shawls and Handicraft items.

Plaza one of the oldest restaurant in Dimapur offers varieties of cuisines including Indian dishes at a very reasonable price.

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