Dhanbad The Coal Capital of India is a city in the state of Jharkhand.It is the most populous city in Jharkhand.Dhanbad is famous for coal mining. It has the largest mine in India.Tata Steel, BCCL, ECL and IISCO (Indian Iron And Steel Company) are some of the companies having coal mines in the district. The Indian School of Mines & BIT Sindri is located in Dhanbad. Among the rail divisions of Indian Railway, Dhanbad Rail Division is the second largest in terms of revenue generation after Mumbai division.There are records of settlements in the area from the 7th century. In the modern era, Dhanbad was originally in a district named Dhanbad before becoming part of Manbhum and then Bihar districts before finally becoming part of Jharkhand District in 2000.


By Air:-
Dhanbad Airport is the nearest airport that is situated at distance of about 5 km from the main city of the country. Private Taxi as well as buses facilities are also available from the airport for the other cities.

By Road:-
Dhanbad is well connected with efficient and well paved roads .Private as well as state buses is available for several routes within the city as well as outside one .NH 2 and NH 32 are some of the major highways that passes through Dhanbad and connects several other places along the way. Cycle rickshaws and Auto Rickshaws are the options within the city.

By Train:-
Dhanbad has train facilities with several other major cities of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmadabad and Kolkata etc. Private taxis as well as buses facilities are also available for the region.




TopchanchiTopchanchi is located just 37 km from Dhanbad and 109 km from Ranchi. In Topchanchi, tourists can see an artificial lake that was excavated along the base of the slant of the Parasnath Hill in 1915. This lake was created to supply water to Jharia. Visitors can also go to Gomoh, which is 6 km from the Topchanchi Lake. Gomoh is the place where on 18th January 1941 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose embarked on the train for his departure from India. To honour this event, a statue of Netaji has been set up in the Topchanchi market.


  Panchet Dam:-

Panchet DamPanchet dam is built across the Damodar River in Dhanbad District’s Panchet area in Jharkhand. Inaugurated in 1959, Panchet dam is the fourth of the 4 multi-purpose dams that fall under the first phase of Damodar Valley Corporation. Panchet Dam is located at a distance of 9 km from Chirkunda on the G.T. Road, at a distance of 54 km from Dhanbad, 20 km from Asansol and 240 km from Kolkata. In the north of the Panchet dam, the district of Dhanbad is located and in the southern bank it is flanked by the district of Purulia.




Panrra The village of Panrra is located at Nirsa-cum-Chirkunda block. This village, as per the local legend, is considered to have been named after the Pandavas, who lived in this area at some point of their exile time, hiding in this place. In this village, there is an old temple of Pandeweshar Mahadev, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. A Hindu king is believed to have constructed this temple some time later.




Shakti Mandir:-

Shakti MandirThe Shakti Mandir is located in the centre of the Dhanbad city, on the Joraphatak Road. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga, where devotees regularly perform bhajans, kirtans and jagrans.
The Shakti Mandir houses an Akhand Jyoti that has been brought from the Jwaalaji pilgrimage in the Himachal Pradesh. This temple receives its name from Goddess Durga’s form of Shakti, which means the Goddess of Power.



Maithan Dam:-

Maithan DamMaithon Dam is located 48 km from Dhanbad. The name Maithon stands for “Mother’s Home”, and is 165 ft high and 15,712 ft long. It is made over the river of Barakar to control flood and generate 60,000 KW of electricity.  Stretched over an area of 65 sq km, this reservoir lake offers fishing and boating facilities. This dam has a power station located underground. It is the only dam to have such a facility in entire Southeast Asia. To see this power station permission must be secured beforehand.


  Charak Pathar:-

CHARAK PATHARCharak Pathar is a popular picnic spot. This is a village, which falls under the development block of Govindpur in the district of Dhanbad. The place gets its name from an old white stone boulder called Charak Pathar.





  Parasnath Temple:-

Parasnath TempleParasnath Temple is located around 63 km to the north of Dhanbad and is well connected with bus routes. Covering a distance of around 650 metres, tourists can reach Parasnath city, which is home to many Jain temples. At an elevation of 4431 ft, Parasnath Hill or Samved Shikar is Jharkhand’s tallest hill. As per the scriptures of Jainism, it is said that out of 24 Tirthankaras, 22 from both the sects of Jainism have attained salvation on this hill. There are many temples of the Jain Tirthankaras from both the sects of Digambar and Shwetambar on the Parasnath Hill.

Being a developed city the market places of Dhanbad houses shops that sell different items belonging to national and international brands. Well stocked with a huge collection of leather bags, jeans and other casual wear, these shops are among the favorite places of visit to those people, who love to shop. The place named Bank More is said to be the best place to shop in. Presently, the city has got many shopping malls as well. Besides the outlets of Big Bazaar and Vishal Mega Mart, the place has even got City Center that is a kind of shopper’s paradise. The shops of this shopping complex are famous for offering various international branded goods. One can even get to see outlets of the Reliance Fresh in almost every corner of the city.

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