Daman is a beautiful, stunning, striking, gorgeous paradise on earth. It is traced to the 1st Century A.D. In the latter part of the XIII Century when the Trimmer Invasion expedited the fall of the Sultanate of Delhi. It was formed out of the dismembered Sultanate and was governed by Meli Moluk who governed the Throne of Cambay, under which jurisdiction it fell. However in ancient times it comprised of two Praganas known as PRAGANA KALANA PAVRI or the LOTUS OF THE MARSHLANDS separated from PRAGANA NEAR by a River Ganga originating in the Hills of Paugysauvar in the Kandesh region. The river passes through the Portuguese villages of Bildary and Gurvary, runs through in various direction through the Pragana NAGAR HAVELI, rounds the south of DADRA enters the Pragana of Kalana Parvi and Naer and meets the Arbian Sea. The Pragaba Kalana Pavri comprise of 13 villagesand 12,883 inhabitants while the Pragana Naer consisted of 23 villages.


By Air:-
Nearest Airport is Mumbai. Domestic and International flights are available.

By Rail:-
Nearest railhead is Vapi just about 12 Kms. Vapi is on the main railway line between Delhi and Mumbai. All major Express/Mail and Local trains stoppage are accessible at Vapi. Taxi Service is available between Daman & Vapi on charge per head basis. Other nearby railway head is Valsad Jn. just about 35 Kms.

By Road:-
Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8 connects Daman via Vapi. Some prominent distance:
Mumbai – 193 Kms.
Ahmedabad – 367 Kms.
Diu – 763 Kms.
Panaji (GOA) via Mumbai – 787 Kms.



Fort of Moti Daman :-

Moti Daman Fort

The Fort is protected by a moat on the land side and also connects the river to the sea. It is basically polygonal in plan with projections at regular intervals of about 500 feet and carrying splayed angular bastions. The parapet above the fortification walls is without merlons but is provided with loop holes. The terraces close to the top of the wall are connected to the top of the wall are connected to the inner ground surface by open flight of steps at many places. All along the inner wall, there are barracks for defense personnel’s.




Jampore Beach :-


It leads on to the border of Gujarat. It is a pleasant spot, where one communes with nature in sublime solitude. This beach is most suited to swimming as it is danger – free. During low – tide, one can walk on the soft wet sand right into the sea. Don’t miss a picnic with your family in the shade of Casurina plantation on the sea – shore.





Fort of Nani Daman :-

jetty-fort-nani-daman The small fort with high stone walls encloses an area of 12,250 sq. meters. It has three bastions and two gateways. The most conspicuous part of the Fort is the giant gateway facing the river with a large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures, on either side of the gateway. The imposing church of Our Lady of the Sea is the principal building within the Fort. Nani Daman Nani Daman offers some wonderful sites to the traveler : Gandhi Park near Nani Daman jetty, Nani Daman Fort and the church inside and the fishing jetty where boats are anchored to name a few.




Kadiaya Lake Garden :-


A Wholly man-made wonder offering a variety of cuisine, the restaurant excels in the panoramic view it has to offer. There is a lake surrounding the two islands connected by a bridge. Fountains and beautiful boats add to the remarkable greenery which meets the eye in every direction. Various interesting features like computer games, toy train make it a favorite family tourist spot. The Kadaiya Lake Garden is a famous tourist spot for shooting of many films.





Pargola Garden :-

Pargola Garden

 It is a monument raised in memory of the Portuguese soldiers who fell during the liberation up rising at Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It has the resemblance of the Pantheon at Athens. At the entrance on the left side, almost attached to the Fort Gate is the modest dwelling where Bocage, an 18th Century Portuguese poet lived.





Church Of Bom Jesus :-

Church Of Bom Jesus

Bom Jesus is one of the most impressive holy places in Daman. It was completed in its present form in 1603 AD and is a living tribute to the excellence achieved by Portuguese architects and artisans in ornate and intricate Church buildings. The richly carved doorway and the highly, decorated interiors together with the lofty ceiling are aesthetic and pleasing. There are six finely made statues in the best traditions of Roman Church art and architecture. In early days of the Portuguese rule, Bom Jesus was a parish church.




Mirasol Water Park :-

Mirasol Water Park

Enjoy Go-Carting, Jumper-Boat, Striking Car & other Thrilling Rides at Mirasol Water Park situated within the Kadaiya Lake Garden.







Devka :-


The beautiful and well tended amusement park with its musical fountain and kid’s corner has become very popular, attracting bus loads of tourists every weekend. When the park is illuminated on festive days, it provides an enchanting sight. Most of the food joints and posh hotels are just within walking distance. Children enjoy the facility of a pony – ride on the sands. The traveler can beat the summer heat by taking a swim in the cool waters of the sea. Those who are not very familiar with the beach at Devka should kindly take note that rough rocky formations are there beneath the water level


Shopping along the bazaars of Daman is refreshing. As you stroll along the shopping lanes in Daman, you can spot the vendors selling bamboo baskets, mats, leather slippers, handiwork etc. The fascinating beach products made solely from seashells and oysters can also be found at Maharaja Supermarket, Devka beach. Though Daman can be visited all round the year, the ideal time to visit this place is between the months of October to March. To know the top shopping places in Daman, scroll down the article further.


Martha’s Place (opposite the Museum): Excellent home cooking and good views

Kadliya Lake Resort: An island resort run by Daman Tourism, with beautiful lawns, gardens, waterfalls, fountains and boating— a great destination for families

Damanganga Lake Garden (Daman-Vapi Road): Lake facing restaurant with a kitschy, Mughal theme bar.


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