Churachandpur situated in Manipur is the largest district and the second largest town here. It is also the fastest growing town in Manipur. Churachandpur is locally known as Lamka. Lamka is the most multi ethnic and cosmopolitan town in Manipur. Churachandpur is a place of immense natural beauty. The important places of tourist interest in Churachandpur .

By Air:-
The nearest airport to Churachandpur is Tulihal airport at Imphal.

By Rail:-
The nearest railhead to Imphal is Guwahati and Dimapur.

By Road:-
Churachandpur is connected to Imphal by National Highway 150. Private buses are available from Guwahati, Dimapur and Silchar to Imphal.


Khuga Dam:-

khuga damKhuga dam in ChurachandapurThe Khuga dam is a multi purpose project located at Churachandpur. The dam project started in 1983. It is one of the most beautiful artificial lakes of Northeast India which is compared to Barapani, Shillong. The Khuga dam is located near Mata village which is 10 km from the district headquarter of Lamka. The locals refer to it as Mata dam. The height of the dam is 38 metres. The width is 230 metres. The Khuga dam project has started a new economic process in Manipur. The Khuga dam has created an artificial lake at the southern tip of Lamka town.
The Khuga dam is a place of immense scenic beauty. The green landscape surrounding the dam is splendid. It is the most beautiful artificial lakes of Northeast and is compared to Barapani, Shillong, for its breathtaking beauty. The site is an ideal picnic spot for the locals due to the possession of immaculate scenic beauty.



NgaloiNgaloi falls is located at Churachandpur. Ngaloi is a village. The village was founded in 1950 by L Jangkhohen Haokip. It is situated 9 km from Churachandpur town. The surroundings of the waterfall are inhabited by the Telsing family within the Haokip clan. The Ngaloi waterfall is one of the primary tourist attractions of Churachandpur. The green vegetation and the low lying mountain of the place are sure to grab the attraction of the tourist. The green mountain around the fall gives it a thrilling look.




SingngatSingngat is one of the sub divisional headquarters of Churachandpur district. It is a key administrative centre in the southwestern border of Manipur and is one of the important towns of Manipur. It is a town sandwiched between India and Myanmar. It is 32 km from Lamka.
Singhgat is famous for its splendid scenic beauty. It is a beautiful hilly village. The village experiences pleasant climatic condition. The temperature of the town remains moderate throughout the year. The village was founded by Pu Sumtual in 1880. It has the distinction of being the birthplace of great folklore in Manipur. The town is the birth place of businessmen, academicians, writers, singers and sportsmen etc of repute in Manipur.



TipaimukhTipaimukh is one of the tribal development blocks of Churachandpur district. It is the 55th Assembly Constituency of Manipur. The name Tipaimukh is a mix of two words Tipai which means Tuivai river and mukh meaning mouth. Tipaimukh dam is a proposed embankment dam on the Barak river. The dam aims to generate hydroelectric power and to control flood.





suangdohSuangdoh is a village situated in Singngat sub division in Churachandpur district. The original location of the village was on a hilltop and was famous for its oranges and its temperate climate. The present location is 2 km from the old one.






zovengZoveng is one of the oldest towns within Churachandpur district. The Zou and the Meithei communities are the predominant dwellers of the town. The Zogal memorial hall was located in Zoveng. The hall has been constructed in the memory of the Kuki Rising against the British.





Tribal museum:-

tribal-research-museum-bhubaneswarThere are two small tribal museums at Tuibuong and Thangzam road.







Churachandpur Market:-

Churachandpur MarketBamboo or wooden art objects are available at several shops, including new and old bazaar. A wide variety of tribal shawls is also available in these markets.





Churachandpur is a major town of south Manipur, which is inhabited by the local tribe Kuki. Local handicrafts are sure to entice you and they are found everywhere in the markets. So, it is developing at a rapid rate, the town is still a symbol of peace and tranquility. But the surprisingly cosmopolitan town is home to many tribes such as Zomi, Kuki, Naga, Mizo, and Chin ethnic groups, apart from a dozen other communities from the rest of the country.

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