The district of Champhai is one of the eight districts in the state of Mizoram, which is situated at an altitude of 1,678 metres above sea level. Spread over an area of 3,186 sq km, Champhai is situated along the Myanmar hills. The destination is the business gateway between India and Myanmar. This frontier district is one of the oldest places inhabited by the Mizo community. Over 100 years ago, Champhai is believed to be occupied by the Mizo community Hmar. They were followed by Ralte, Sailo and Lusei clans. Their testimonies such as Mangkhaia Lung, Lungverh, Chhura Farep, Mura Puk and Sikpui Lung are the sites to explore the heritage of the destination.

How to Reach

By Road-:
Champhai district is located at a distance of 192 kms from Aizawl. The National Highway 54 connects Champhai to other places. There are bus facilities and sumo services from Aizawl and other neighboring places to the district. The Mizoram government buses and taxis ply regularly between these two destinations.

By Air:-
The nearest airport is in Aizawl.

By Rail:-
The nearest railway station is in Silchar in Assam located at a distance of 184 kms away.



Murlen National Park, Champhai:-

Murlen national parkMurlen National Park is located at a distance of 245 km east of Aizawl and is near the Indo-Myanmar border. The park is spread across an area of 100 sq. km of the sub-tropical evergreen forests and includes animals such as hoolock gibbon, Himalayan black bear, leopard, tiger and many more.






Kawlkulh, ChamphaiKawlkulh is situated on the eastern border of Mizoram and is known for the occupation of piggery. This small village lacks various amenities like electricity, water and strong roads. It is further 72 km from Champhai and 122 km away from Aizawl.





Rih Dil:-

rih-lakeRih Dil is situated 22 km from Myanmar and is mainly a heart shaped lake. This lake is considered to be the passage of the souls to the eternal abode. The lake is around a kilometre long and 70 metres wide. A permission has to be taken from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office at Champhai to visit this lake.





Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary:-

Lengteng Wildlife SanctuaryLengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is situated within the Champhai District and is very close to Lamzawl and Murlen National Park. The common animal species that can be found here are leopard, rhesus macaque, wild boars, goral, barking deer and tiger. This wildlife sanctuary is around 250 km east of Aizawl city.





Palak Wildlife Sanctuary:-

Palak Wildlife SanctuaryPalak Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Lakher region, which lies on the southern part of Mizoram. This sanctuary is 130 km south-west of Saiha town and is spread across 15.50 sq. km of land. It includes both moist deciduous forests and tropical evergreen forests along with animal species such as sambar, barking deer, leopard, elephant and rhesus macaque.
Tourists can also see large variety of birds and Palak Lake that help in maintaining the eco-tourism of the region.



Lamsial Puk:-

Lamsial Puk CaveLamsial Puk Cave is located very close to Farkawn village in the district of Champhai of the Mizoram state. It is believed that a huge fight took place at this site between two villages, during which a large number of villagers were killed. A huge heap of skeletons were recovered from these caves that belonged to the warriors, who died in the fight.




Lenteng Hills:-

lenteng-hillsLenteng Hills is located to the eastern part of the Mizoram state and have dense forests and wildlife. These hills are situated at altitude of 2300 m above the sea level. There are many colourful plants, birds, reptiles and animals at this place along with wild orchids. This place is suitable for eco-tourism and trekking, which starts from Champhai.




Kungawrhi Puk:-

Kungawrhi-pukKungawrhi Puk is located between the Farkawn and Vaphai villages and is considered to be one of the biggest caves in the Aizawl District. It is believed that Kungawrhi, a beautiful girl, was abducted by evil spirits and was kept inside this cave. She was later rescued by her husband Pnathira.





Mura Puk:-

Mura PukMura Puk is situated in Zote village, which is 10 km away from Champhai town. There are six caves at this site and these were the hiding place of the local villagers. The villagers used to hide here from a large eagle known as Mura, which was a cruel man-eater.

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