Assam, as a destination corresponds to a world of contrasts and excitement with each place of the state having something amazing to offer. Some people call it a magic land while others call it a green paradise.The State of Assam is one of the most beautiful regions of India. There is hardly any other state which has greater variety and colour in its natural scenery and in the cultural treasures of the people that inhabit it.

Famous Tourist Cities in Assam 


Guwahati is the gateway to the enchanting North Eastern India. The Light of the East, Pragjyotishpura, as it was known once upon a time, is said to have been a vast kingdom during the epic period of the Mahabharata. Today, Guwahati is the hub of the region and also its largest city




Hajo, 32 kms west of Guwahati, in Kamrup district, is an important pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims alike. Hajo is home to ancient and medieval temples and mosques and is seen by a section of Buddhists as the place where the Buddha attained parinirvana.




Haflong is one of the most visited places in Assam. The hill station has scenic vistas comprising of azure blue hills, emerald green rivers, unique orchids such and rare species of birds.





Jorhat is one of the major cities of Assam. Jorhat acts as a gateway to upper Assam and to the state of Nagaland. It was the last capital of the Ahom Kingdom and home to many historical monuments of Assamese culture.





Sivsagar “the ocean of Lord Shiva” is located in the state of Assam in Sibsagar district and is situated to north east of Guwahati. The small town is well known for its historical monuments and Ahom Palaces and has become an important center for tea and oil trading.




Located in the state of Assam, Silchar is a picturesque place that is bound to make your holiday experience a memorable one. It is a part of Cachar district and is the economic doorway to the states like Mizoram and Manipur and is located on the banks of River Barak, also known as Barak Valley.




Tezpur is regarded as the commercial, administrative and the educational center of Assam apart from being a major base for the Indian Army and the Indian Air force. A central university (Tezpur University) is located at the place and the city also boasts of a number of reputed schools and institutions like the Darrang College and the Assam Valley School.

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